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12 hour plane layover

Just out of curiosity, for those that have traveled, when you are forced to take a super long layover in between flights...

What are your options?

Like, are you forced to stay and protect with your bags at the airport?

Or is there a place to check your bags and you can go sight see for a couple of hours and then come back?

Or do you have to take your bags with you?

Or are you not allowed to leave the airport?

Do most large airports having a napping area?

Or like what would be the normal standard options?
With 12 hours, you have a lot of options; depending on where you are. You can certainly leave the airport and tour the local city, just remember you have to go back through security. You will need to leave time for that. If you travel frequently enough, then there is another option. Get access to premium airport lounges. You get free food, you can rest, you can work with the free wifi, you get free alcoholic beverages if that is something you want. That's what I've done. It has totally changed travelling for me. Airports are now a pleasant experience.
@sstronaut Don't pack the knife, that will immediately get you in trouble. For me, I've traveled internationally a few times, well, more than a few times. I've learned that checking luggage is the worst option. I travel internationally with an overhead bin case, and and under seat case. That way, nothing ever gets lost or damaged. All you have to do is plan to have somebody do your laundry, and in Europe, that's easy.
@come2gether I think I'm going to need at least one checked bag, I'm a big guy, clothes are going to need more space and I'm trying to ignore the thought of my legs being stuck in a plane for 6 hours at a time.
@sstronaut we all have our own need when travelling, so yep, I get it
12 hours will be too early to check in. Unless you’re flying business or first class, then some type of accommodation might be made in terms of holding onto your luggage. At a minimum they usually have comfortable traveler lounges.

Two things you might want to check out if you’re stuck with luggage. Feasible depending on your location of course.

1) See about getting a room at an airport hotel. You’ll be able to hang out, rest, and usually transportation to/from the airport is free.

2) Head downtown to a major hotel chain. Oftentimes they’ll hold onto your bags either for free or if you have a meal there. Then you can head out and do some sightseeing before it’s time to head back to the airport.
NewBeginnings7790 · 41-45, F
That’s why I just check my bags, so if there is a long layover I don’t have to mess with hassle of dragging it around
@NewBeginnings7790 oh dang, I didn't even think of that... I mean, I was working on a wrong assumption.

I was thinking that you had to claim your bags after every stop and then you'd be waiting with your bags.

So they just keep your checked bags the entire time and you don't have to worry about them on the layover?

That basically solves my concerns
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
It’s usually pretty shitty tbh. There are a few airports that have small hotel rooms to rent in two hour increments. When I travelled a lot I had a lounge access which made it bearable.
Sleep on your bag in an empty gate by the window
dale74 · M
If I have a long layover like 6hrs or more I pack some fresh clothes and baby wipes. The I check everything I can do I don't have to carry it. Find a chair with good wifi electric outlet and comfortable seat freshen up before next flight. Bring a thrmo cup for water. And relax little neck pillow good too

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