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American tourist. Tips for survival free of charge:

1. “Hi how are you?” Is an accessive amount of words for greeting a stranger. Don’t be surprised if “None of your business” is the reply.

2. Asking “where is the bathroom” makes people think you need a bath or shower.

3. Only in America are who you vote for or how much money you have acceptable topics of conversation. Do this elsewhere outside of a political rally and you’ll be considered crass or vain.

4. For a people who hate empire, you sure enjoy imperial units of measurement. Everyone else has moved on to a more efficient system of multiplications of 10.

5. Cars will not stop for you if you walk out in front of them.

6. The seats on the bus/tram/train nearest the door are reserved for the elderly or disabled. Not plus size folk.

7. “Oh my god” is reserved for orgasms or near death experiences.

8. People who walk for more than half an hour do in fact have cars, but are just not reliant on them.

9. Unless you are invited to tip, please don’t do it. It could be taken as pity or even an insult.

10. No city in the world actually matches its Instagram account. Whether it’s LA, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Tokyo or Sydney. Just like people they’ve been tampered with to look impossibly glam. Just go with the flow and have fun 😉
leowander · M
The part about tipping surprised me. I thought service people liked to have their income supplemented and it's a way of expressing gratitude.
Ceinwyn · 22-25, F
@leowander No not everyone. Like I say if you’re invited to it’s fine, but if it doesn’t come up let it be.
I will take number 9 to heart !
Justferfuun1 · 36-40, M
Fantastic information, thanks 👍🏻
[quote]5. Cars will not stop for you if you walk out in front of them.[/quote]

It always boggles my mind in the US when I see signage proclaiming that "Pedestrians have the right of way"

It's completely illogical to require the kinetic energy of a two-ton hulk of metal, burning polluting fossil fuels, to come to an abrupt halt and wait, while far smaller, less polluting humans moving at best 1 mph would require far less effort to stop, and have less impact while waiting

Murica don't do logic, that's for demonic commies
The interesting thing is that if someone from the U.S. posted such "tips" for tourists coming here they’d be dismissed as rude, or at worst, xenophobic. 🤨
Ceinwyn · 22-25, F
@bijouxbroussard The interesting thing is that’s not interesting.
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