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Who's with me for sailing and scuba?

Ok this has been my dream for some time now, and I'm getting closer every year. I live on my little yacht, but I want to buy a catamaran and have scuba gear and sail the Pacific Rim. But for now, I need to save up some cash but I was thinking I'm graduating soon and will be working three days a week. There are some islands nearby so I was thinking if I had a few other people who were into sailing and diving, I could get off the night shift around 0700, we meet up on the catamaran and set sail for the islands around 0800. It takes almost all day to get there, about 8 hours of sailing give or take depending on the weather. So we arrive, anchor up in a good spot, watch the sunset, have dinner, maybe go ashore for a little night hike if the moon is out. Then to bed. In the morning, we tank up and do a few dives throughout the day, alternating so someone stays with the boat.
Two days on the island, then the last day we sail back same as before, and I get back to work.

The other trip is much longer, with more variety in what we'd be doing and where we'd be going. First leg is down the coast of California and Mexico to Central America. Once we get to Ecuador, there's the Galapagos as a major destination. Then a long leg of pure water going west to the Marquesas and the islands of the south Pacific. (French Polynesia, Polynesia, then on to Micronesia). There's more to it, but that would be roughly the first year of sailing. Stopping in various lovely places we discover along the way for a few days or a few weeks.

Sound good to anyone?
Lugubri0 · 56-60, M
Sounds great. I can't sail or dive, and I don't have any money. Apart from that, I'm in.
justanothername · 51-55, M
One small question.. why are you intending on sailing against the prevailing breeze when you cross the pacific?
Dust057 · 46-50
@justanothername my wind app does not show that to be a true statement (data from PredictWind), at least not at this time.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
Sounds awesome
I'd love to get into scuba diving but too scared of sharks 🤷‍♀️
Dust057 · 46-50
@starmitzy well there are also heaps of dives where you won't see any sharks at all. For me it's more of a treat if I see a shark or several. They also tend to give a fair bit of space even if they are around. The only time you have sharks getting really close as far as I know is if you are chumming or with a tour guide that knows how to get in close. I've even tried to chase them a bit but they swim away.
@Dust057 I will look into that, thanks!! I love the ocean and being in water it would be such a beautiful thing to do
Dust057 · 46-50
@starmitzy snorkeling is a pretty amazing option as well in lots of places. Just be careful with the sun exposure! I've gotten badly burnt because I was so mesmerized by the snorkeling I had my back exposed for hours 🥵
justanothername · 51-55, M
You are going to be doing a lot of tacking as you sail west from the Galápagos Islands. What time of year will you make the crossing?
Dust057 · 46-50
@justanothername here is map of the current, and another of the winds:

There appears to be favorable current and wind , both heading west. I think a good time to be there would be anytime between November and February. We want to either stay ahead of monsoon season a bit, or ideally be following directly on its heels.
justanothername · 51-55, M
@Dust057 Fair enough.
The problem with that is working nights
I sleep day
Stay up at night
Dust057 · 46-50
@rocknroll that’s actually fine, we need people at the helm all hours. I work nights as well. Night dives are also something very special. When sailing, we typically rotate shifts. Depending on total crew of course, and personal preferences, but if you were on the 0000-0600 shift one night, you might have a 12 hour break and be on the 1800-0000 shift next.
I sailed the Indian Ocean two-handed, and we had 4 hour shifts with a 2 hour “dog watch” daily. If you worked from midnight to 4am one night, you would work the shifts before and after that the next night.

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