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Considering moving to Phoenix, just a thought. More questions contained inside about AZ and ASU.

ASU will be a downgrade from UF, yes, but for the sake of my health I am seriously considering going to Arizona so I get all the heat I love with none of the humidity. Humidity seems to really affect my breathing, which in turn heavily affects my oxygen intake and energy levels. So don't bother commenting about the "blazing heat" because as a Floridian I can assure you humid heat is worse than dry heat.

Few things. What can you tell me about Arizona living and ASU, especially their Computer Science program? I assume Phoenix has similar safety levels to Orlando, or is safer because it's not FLORIDA. How do taxes and suburban housing differ from what's in Florida?

Is it easy to get around (i.e. how is the public transportation) Phoenix? How empty is the area outside of Phoenix (i.e. how easy is it to get to the middle of nowhere in case I'm too tired of people)? Where would be the best areas to live that isn't too crowded but it wouldn't take me too long to get to ASU?

For those that know me please don't ask about the details of why I'm choosing to transfer aside from health, it's a long story I'd rather not talk about (I'm serious).
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
I flew to Phoenix last May. It was 102. But not humid. The whole area is desert. But things still grow. I saw some lovely cactus.

I drove to the Grand Canyon. It was cooler and hillier there, with even some forests. But dry. Everybody was worried about forest fires.

I did not take photos in Phoenix, at least I do not recall, since I was driving into it or out of it at the time, and I did not stop. It is sprawled out in a flat valley. It looked like they had plenty of room to expand.

North of Phoenix the land rises, and cools, but it is still dry. Here is what it looked like about an hour north:

If you are used to lush green, well get used to not seeing it. But there are lovely cactus:

I, too, would rather live in the desert than the humid tropics.

When I drove back to Phoenix, I stayed near the airport, since I was flying home the next day. It was about 100 and my hotel had a pool. The first thing I did was go into it. I had it all to myself (and the hot tub). It was so soothing in that hot dry air. Then later I just sat on a chair and dried in the breeze. It was so pleasant.

Did you get a sex change? Or just trying to hide from pervs?
Not sure what the situation is with public transportation, but driving is often a nightmare in Phx. The population has exploded, and while there are many highways, they are crowded. Housing is average quality and price for most of the suburban areas. There are a lot of expensive homes, not much at the lower end of the price scale. Certain areas of Phx are high crime. Over-all it isn't the garden spot these days. UA in Tucson might be a better choice ?
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
@waleskinder Well all we need is a 2 bedroom apartment with kitchen in an apartment. Even that won't be doable?
@TetrisGuycheck out
ASU is a wonderful school! Potential jobs won’t give 2 shits weather your degree is from AZ or Fl...
TetrisGuy · 22-25, M
@Notmesam I want to go into academics though. Want to study AI research at a good university.
@TetrisGuy Then you have to look up professors that conduct that research. Contact them and see if you can study under them at ASU...
Arizona >> Florida
Dry heat >> Humidity
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
Do what is best for you. You kniw you will always have our support.

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