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I Dreamed My Cousin Died After They Had

My younger cousin died tragically years ago, we shared the same name different spelling, our mum's were twin sisters, on the weekend it happened I went to bed on the Sunday night, and had a weird dream, someone had died and was in a coffin, our shared names were repeated over and over by family members, however dreams are fuzzy and disjointed, the common theme was the name.

I woke in the morning for work my house was really warm I left the heating on all night, I felt strange when I woke but couldn't explain it but something was off, there was a really strong smell of turpentine in my house, I wasn't decorating at the time, me being my curious and morbid self found out later that embalming fluid can smell like turpentine.

On autopilot I left for work, that was usual I started at six in the morning lol, I arrived at work, and my co worker was shouting across at me, I couldn't make them out at first, then I heard, your aunty's sons died, I also worked with my aunty at the time, in shock I left to go home, I started the car, and in a flash the whole dream came flooding back to me I broke into tears.

It's been years now since my cousin died, but I won't forget the dream or the events, he was my younger cousin and we weren't very close, however it was tragic for my aunty and the whole family, I think I just want to make sense of it if possible.
gibbsy09 · 51-55, M
I know, I'm kind of hoping someone has a theory, they say some twins know and feel at times, so I'm thinking possibly a connection there, even though there was five years difference between me and my younger cousin, also it had happened so it wasn't some kind of preminition.
fadedloner · F
I'm so sorry for your loss it's weird how our dreams can do that. I was supposed to see a friend one time and had a dream the night before she was arrested and that morning she was sent to jail I never told anyone that but it's freaky how things can happen that way sometimes
Fertilization · 36-40, F
Your dreams at times surprise you.

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