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📉 Bitcoin Price Analysis - April 16th, 2023

[b]One first Bitcoin Shorts / Sells in Months. 🎯[/b]

(Ignore the High ROI shown in the screenshot, since I only trade with fractions of my balance (leveraged) at a time. I typically aim to gain ~1% per trade.)

📉 [b]([u]Analysis Chart Below - at End[/u])[/b] 🔽


My Bitcoin balance is up only by 🔼 14% $BTC (🔼 36.5% USD), since I was away. 🤷‍♂️
But more importantly: [b][u]No Losses[/u] taken since January.[/b] 🛡️

I took occasional Buys, but I was mostly away from charts these past 2 months.

[i](I didn't intend to post until I put the promised material together, but so much came at me at once.
Hiring, staff training... unexpected commitments, sorry)[/i]

I've been more focused on honing my skills, and warming back up to regular trading, the right and safe way.

💡 [u]However, something useful may be taken away from this example:[/u]

[b]You ideally want to be "Busy" enough that you are Financially Stable outside of your Trading endeavors.

If one dependent on Trading for their income and stability, that person will be at an Emotional Disadvantage when trading, which is the Worst Handicap to have as a trader.[/b]

I attribute my Better than Expected performance over the past 2 months, to Lack of Emotional Attachment to the markets, and my BTC Balance.
Allowing me to think more Critically, Logically, before entering and exiting trades.

I Only took trades that I felt "Quite Sure" about, and sat out the majority of the time, not concerned about "Missing Out".


[big]Analysis Chart[/big]

Below is a Bitcoin Trendline Analysis chart I quickly drafted, which illustrates some of the constraints (Supports and Resistances) that are guiding the price direction movement of $BTC.

Hopefully, this may be useful to some:

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Dust057 · 46-50
I'm trying to get more BTC this year. Hopefully I can get a fair amount before it goes past $100K.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
Bitcoin is shifty.
Buy gold instead.
Dust057 · 46-50
@Zonuss gold, too. Diversity!
MissTaken · 36-40, F
Yawns 😂😂
Zonuss · 41-45, M
@MissTaken 😂 I know right.

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