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Bitcoin Price - Feb 9th, 2023

I'm slowly migrating to posting my Trading / Crypto content on SimilarWorlds, in first priority. 📈
It will take some time to fully transition over here.

I'll also only post my more detailed analysis here on SimilarWorlds (coming soon). 👍


[i][u]Posted 11 hours ago:[/u][/i]
[quote]Some potential next Support and Resistance levels of $BTC shown on chart. 📈

(I haven't had that much time to be on and analyze today.)

#Bitcoin, #Cryptocurrency[/quote]

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[i][u]Posted 18 hours ago:[/u][/i]

[quote]#Bitcoin price hit then retracted from my given Resistance level (yellow line) from last post.

Stop-Loss in profit, makes it a Free / No-Risk $BTC trade, at this point 👍
(whether or not it gets to lower Support target)

(Trailing S-Loss can be used to aggressively catch profit)[/quote]

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[quote]Yet another Accurate & Easy trade setup/targets, provided to you for Free. 🎯 (No Losses in weeks) ✅
Yet so little interaction on here... 😂

Future posts will be made in priority @ http://SimilarWorlds.com🔥

Also, more detailed Analysis for Learning 🎓📚


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ADtrading · VIP Pinned Comment
[u][b]#Bitcoin / $USD[/b][/u]

21.9k = [b]Take Profit Target[/b] 👍 ✅


While price could rebound from 21.9k,
it is safer to [b]Wait[/b] ⌚ for drop to slow,
or show some convincing bounce, before Buying in.


There may be an "Ok" level of risk in having sitting [b]Buys[/b] ⬆️ ~21k+ range.

Likely to at least experience a Bounce, if price gets to that range soon.

From there, we can re-assess if to hold, or close in small profit, before a further drop.

All crypto is FRAUD.. it should all be banned
Crypto is Not Fraud.
Is this what the SEC calls "pump&dump"?
No, it is not.

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