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What are current figher jets REALLY being used for?

For some reason I seriously doubt these fifth gen fighter jets that cost hundreds of millions of dollars just for 1 plane are being used for any kind of offensive combat. There's no war being fought with them, they're not flying the skies protecting some kind of military. They're not dogfighting other fighter jets like in Top Gun, it seems silly to even think that's what they're doing in 2023. Are they just being developed as a flying weapon IN CASE they're needed? What practical application do they really have? There's satellites & drones that can gather visual intel.. there's missiles that can target anything from hundreds of miles away.. so what the heck is the use of a fighter jet? Every year they become more advanced and can fly faster and faster.. all at the expense of the tax payer might I add. And who the hell really knows what NASA is doing with all these planes they develop in complete secrecy. I feel like they're being used for something nobody knows about. Like flying to some kind of uncharted land that a normal plane wouldn't be able to access.

Cyclist · 41-45, M
Great. Let’s just wait for WWIII to break out before we start the decades long process to develop new technology, manufacture a few hundred fighter jets, and train our pilots. I’m sure Putin and Xi Jinping will be glad to wait while we get ready.
@Cyclist There is no real possibility WWIII will ever happen and even if it did, what role would a few hundred fighter jets really play in it? Bomber planes, drones, and missile silos will do the real damage. Fighter jets are nothing compared to real weapons
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