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I have worked in tech for a long time

My biggest takeaway is that end users are idiots and an IQ test should be required before allowing someone to buy any kind of computer or app.
Picklebobble256-60, M
A pal of mine works in I.T. support.
Poor fella listens to calls all day from customers with problems they really ought to be able to fix themselves.
He has to fill out a form for everyone he speaks to and has developed a code he writes on each form to describe the issue.
He showed me this stuff and I asked him what [b]PBKAC[/b] meant.
He smiled and said [b] Problem Between Keyboard And Chair [/b] 馃槅
robertsnj51-55, M
Ozy, idiots may be one way to look at it. Another way is that EU's are your customer. They give you work and a career. If EU issues were slim or rare you would probably be in another line of work.

Also most of them probably really appreciate you.
perphectlyhuman41-45, M
It鈥檚 the fact that they are not the SME鈥檚 that you likely have a job, so be thankful everyone isn鈥檛 as knowledgeable as yourself because there would not be a need for you. Tell me you鈥檙e not desktop support or help desk talking like this.
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@perphectlyhuman 鈥渋s the your鈥. You are welcome
perphectlyhuman41-45, M
@Ozymandiaz good day sir, you鈥檙e why ppl think IT ppl are weird and unsociable. Thanks for stepping in where autocorrect did not. Have a good remainder of the weekend.
But without technophobes like me you鈥檇 be out of a job
@Lemonadepopper No most people are not that bad
@Ozymandiaz I鈥檓 a very polite idiot!
To be honest ...I'm one of those end user idiots.
I call myself techlexic.
I don't know what it is ....but whatever it is ...I don't get it .
I can cook up a storm from barely nothing .
I can fix stuff with my ingenuity and craftiness .
I'm sensitive towards emotions of others and pets.
There's so many things I'm good at ...except this, (and learning languages.)

I get I'm stupid when it comes to tech . I've wanted to buy a tablet for digital design for YEARS....but I can't . Coz I don't know which one is good no matter how much I look them up .
And when I ask ....i don't get clear answers I understand .

Im an artist who wants to digitally art...but I can't [b]because [/b] I have an artistic mind and not a tecky one .
Ironic isn't it .

In some ways I'm so smart, but in others I'm so stupid .

And I know people think I'm stupid all because this is one of the very few things I don't understand .

And I can tell you IQ doesn't mean a thing, mines over 140 and I'm still seen as stupid 馃し
@Ozymandiaz thanks heaps 馃
@Ozymandiaz Hehehe....you know what's funny ....I live near old beach in Tasmania (it came up in the video 馃槃).

This looks really cool . I can't thank you enough for all this.
No one has ever been so definite and clear on what to get .
@OogieBoogie Glad I could help. It is a really powerful app. I have this set up myself. Even though I haven't an artistic bone in my body.

I would suggest you watch more procreate videos to see what it can do
uncalled456-60, M
Not everyone is a natural troubleshooter. Even worse, there are people who can barely find their way out of their house.
I hear ya, but hesr me out.
A lot of tech l, OS, and app developers are pretty clueless when it comes to actual user friendliness and true real world needs and usability. Eapecially these days. Limited too are the developers who can actually code and program elegantly and streamlined.

There's so much wonky and bloated junk being thrown out there in terms of software these days. Even hardware is pretty shit these days.

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