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Scientists in Japan may have made a groundbreaking discovery of AI!

Researchers from Osaka University have reportedly developed an algorithm that can "read" our minds and recreate the images we see. The AI-powered algorithm was able to reconstruct approximately 1,000 images from brain scans, with a remarkable accuracy of 80%.

The AI showed people pictures of objects like a toy bear, an aircraft, a clock, and a train. They then obtained magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the subjects' brains as they looked at the objects. By studying these brain scans, the AI was able to reproduce the images the subjects had seen.

This could deepen our understanding of how the brain processes images to helping us better communicate with people who can't speak or move.
Maybe we can then finally print our mental images some day.
@NerdyPotato They'll use it as a way to use it against a person and to their benefit I'm theorising anyway. I can't see this being used in that capacity in our lifetimes atleast.
Teirdalin · 26-30
@Nihiless I mean, unless you're in your mid to upper 80s or 90s probably not in your lifetime.
@Teirdalin I think only if you are, not unless.
Amazing 🤩
@Nihiless I’m hoping to have mine implanted in a robot 🤖 after this body wears out 👍
@SW-User That is inevitable in the future.
@Nihiless Can’t wait 🕺. Better be dancing in my program 🤞😀
they applied the power of AI to one of the systems they investigated.

what does "groundbreaking discovery of AI" have to do with it?
does this mean that if no one has counted matches in a matchbox with the help of AI and I do it, it will be considered as groundbreaking discovery of AI?
@Margo Why are you asking me? If this is such an issue for you, which it evidently is, contact the Japanese scientists with your theory's. Good luck.
i was asking you about what you wrote.

what's the problem?

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