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Is there anyone here who is good with bypassing blocks on website access? I dont know if it's an IP block, email block or what

I was using a chat room i frequent without issue and some user randomly decided to pretend to take offense at something i said that wasnt offensive in the slightest nor intended to be, to justify absolutely harassing and mocking me. I overlooked it and spent an hour trying to calmly have her explain what the issue was but she continued to mock me. She wanted it to be an issue to justify mocking me and so i'd never get my answer. eventually I snapped back at her which eventually shut her up. Not so big now. It was the only way to get her to apologise. But now the mod decides to ban me saying I'm a bully. No single consideration for the fact that she instigated it and continued it for over an hour whilst I sought peaceful resolution. So I'm a bit p'ed off. There is no appeals process, no support email, nothing. It's why the mods act so crappy.

I tried a VPN. didnt work. Perhaps a new email plus VPN? I made a new email but the confirmation email for the website sign up is taking a while. Any other solutions? I want to get back on there because I'm sick of bullies. I'm not going to be banned for finally snapping back at a bully after ages of trying to be peaceful.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
Move on kiddo. Don't waste the effort. Their site, their rules. It's dealing with small minded "digital vigilantes" like you that are making mods so uptight.

Most such sites will have an IP block and also a common VPN IP block list. Hence the need for TOR, proxy sites like kproxy and SSH tunnel services.

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