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I Am Creative

Currently working on a 3d part to fix my neices broken transformer. Will post pics when it's done printing. Design time took around 2 hours.

After 35 minutes of printing it came out nearly perfect.

xixgun · M
Is there some reason you don't just buy another one?
I'm not judging, if you find the repairing of items to be cathartic and zen, that's cool; or if you're just cheap, that's cool too.
I'm just asking.
LyricsKeepMeBreathing · 31-35, M
@xixgun it's more of the fact I like to test myself and also test my printer. I could easily drop 20$ on a new figure, but when it's because of such a small part, not to mention I can now make the part anytime if it happens to break again, I figured why not.
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LyricsKeepMeBreathing · 31-35, M
@SW-User I use blender mostly when making pieces like that, I just take plenty of photos of the object before hand and go off of them.

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