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I Have Psychic Experiences

An Odd Incident Back In 2006

Back in December 2006, my girlfriend informed me that I had to go pickup my Christmas gift. She bought it from a retailer and, for some reason, she had arranged to pick it up from the retailer's house. My girlfriend said she didn't have the time to do it herself, so I had to do it.

The problem was I had to drive clear across town, over an hour worth of driving just to get there, to pick up the package and then another hour to return. I planned my route, which, strangely enough, took me through my old neighborhood where I grew up. As I drove through the old neighborhood I passed the old hobby/bookstore. The thought popped into my head that I hadn't been in there for a number of years. Maybe I could swing by on the way back? Not a bad plan, as my return trip will take me right passed the store again.

Twenty minutes later I was on my return trip and the store was approaching on my left. It was just three blocks ahead, but I started thinking about all the client work I had to do at home and I began to have doubts about going to the store. I decided against it. I would just go straight home and leave visiting the store to another day. No sooner had I thought this when a thought came into my head: "You have to go to the store. Someone there needs your advice". What the heck was that and where did it come from? That wasn't my thought! That came out of nowhere. I asked, "Why do I have to stop and who am I suppose to help?". The message came back exactly the same, "You have to go to the store. Someone there needs your advice". I said, "OK... but only if there is easy parking in front of the store". I was only a block away when I saw someone puling out from across the street from the store. There was one parking spot open. Coincidence? I never believe in coincidences. I made a promise, so I stuck to it. I parked and went across the street and entered the store. It was surprisingly full of people, and looked exactly as how I remembered it from years gone by. However, I didn't recognize anyone there. I said to myself, "I don't see anyone I know here". Then the voice came into my head again and stated, "He will be here in Twenty minutes". I looked at my watch, and thought, twenty minutes will go by fairly quickly. I will just walk around and see what is here. So for the next twenty minutes, I just walked about, looking at the books and other merchandise. I kept looking at my watch as the time ticked by. What will happen in twenty minutes? When there was only one minute left, I started looking around, but still, despite many people coming and going, I did not know anyone in the store. I was looking at my watch when the 20 minutes finally ran out... and not more that five seconds later, I heard a voice calling my name out. I looked up and saw it was David. Here was someone I knew, although, I have to confess, I only know him because he works in the same industry as myself. He came over to me and stated loudly, "Wow, it really weird I would run into you here... I have a question to ask and you are the one person who can answer it!". Turned out I was the right person to ask. I did have the answer to a problem he encountered at work. Something he had been pondering over for a number of days, as it turned out. I was the right person in the right place to help, but I was only there because the universe put me there.
PastPilot · 61-69, M
My gift, from my girlfriend, who is now my x-girlfriend, was a Kelly Green fleece jacket (think St. Patrick's Day Green). I wore it once. Don't know where it is today. Seemed very odd that I had to pick up my own Christmas gift just two weeks before Christmas. It was her way of saying "This will get rid of him".
Blonde · 31-35, F
I changed my name name from Blondie to blonde I screwed up my pass word.
Anyway your story is cool. I hope your new girlfriend gets you better gifts.
PastPilot · 61-69, M
I had a closet of bad gifts from her. Most I gave to goodwill the rest I threw away.
Lavender · 31-35, F
Be glad she's the EX. Imagine a lifetime of bad gifts.
Silverwings · 61-69, F
Wow, just wow!!
Lavender · 31-35, F
What was your gift? Lol.

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