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馃 Enthralled

I am deeply fascinated with Native American people's culture. Despite historical tragedies that nearly wiped out many of their tribes, their resilience and commitment to keeping alive their race, pride, traditions and culture is something I truly admire.

Hearing the powerful drums while watching the man's feet thumping in sync with every beat while performing a beautiful spiritual dance both raw and wild, makes me enter a trance-like state making it hard for me to stop watching. Quite easily the most masculine dance I have ever seen. His well-measured steps are confident and powerful. As a Capricorn and therefore of the earth element, I feel its call. Being receptive and tuned in to this energy feels natural to me as it is, after all, a dance communing with earth and its spirits.


* To watch a continuous loop of this, watch it on YouTube: youtube.com/shorts/TYnuMPwuOz4

Carlam70-79, F
The way you describe the spiritual dance, with its powerful drums and synchronized movements, beautifully captures the raw and profound connection to nature and tradition. It's inspiring to witness such a rich cultural heritage persevering through history's challenges. Thank you for sharing your admiration鈥攊t's a reminder of the beauty in honoring our roots and embracing the energy that surrounds us.
@CarlamThank you, Carlam 馃檪As you aptly said, "It's inspiring to witness such a rich cultural heritage persevering through history's challenges.", indeed, I only have profound respect and empathy for them...more so my not being American myself but European ( of Spain ), a country I sadly confess had a dark history of conquests, violating the people and the lands of South America and Asia in the guise of religion that sadly contributed to the death, loss and displacement of many indigenous tribes.The modern-day people of Spain wish we could turn back time to undo the crime, but alas it is impossible.

Conquests by ancient Mongolians, Huns, Persians, Ottomans, and Romans, (just to name a few but there were so many), were very much the typical way people behaved throughout man's history to gain riches through stealing and amassing lands to extend their empires and power. So to see the world now (the current wars) repeating that dark history once again is a horrible thing. We are supposed to be improving as an intelligent human race but sadly some are regressing and devolving. I have hope though that more of us shall have enlightened minds to evolve to a higher level of being.
Carlam70-79, F
@SweetReverie Thank you for sharing such a reflective and heartfelt perspective. Your acknowledgment of historical injustices, both past and present, resonates deeply with me. As someone of British descent, I am acutely aware of the complex legacies that intertwine achievements with profound regrets, particularly in the context of colonial history. My own family's history includes actions that I now recognize as deeply unjust, where people from Southeast Asian countries were unfortunately treated with disrespect and inequality.

Recognizing and grappling with this history is crucial for fostering empathy and understanding among peoples across the globe. Your thoughtful parallels between ancient conquests and modern conflicts serve as poignant reminders of the enduring challenges we face as a global community. Your hope for a future guided by enlightenment and compassion resonates deeply with me and echoes the values I strive to uphold.

Let us continue to learn from the past, cultivate empathy for those affected by historical injustices, and work together to build a future where respect, justice, and progress define our collective journey forward. Together, we can honor the lessons of history and strive for a world where every individual's dignity and rights are upheld.馃鉂わ笍
@CarlamI couldn't agree more. Let us, indeed, learn from the past and strive towards building a future that respects people and their land, animals and nature to have a better world. I am happy to encounter a kindred spirit , thank you鈽猴笍馃鉂わ笍
Matt8536-40, M
they have cool clothes
@Matt85 Yes, they do. All nature-inspired 鈽猴笍
Peaceandnamaste26-30, F
@Peaceandnamaste Indeed鈽猴笍
SwampFlower31-35, F
Lol grand entry from our Pow Wow is the next video. How funny.

Are you in the USA? Try to look up your local tribes and see what resources are available for you to learn more and participate 馃檪
@SwampFlower Is it, really?鈽猴笍I think YouTube's algorithm picks up data and uses it to recommend more of the same topic of interest.

No, I'm not in the US but way across the Atlantic Ocean in Spain鈽猴笍.Good advice, thanks! If I lived there, I would most certainly do as you suggest as I would seriouusly love to learn how to dance like the women, which is a bit similar to the men's but more feminine馃憤 I made another post last year about a particular Native American song, it's a song I'd love to be able to dance to if I knew how鈽猴笍

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