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Angel Gabriel's advice to Muhammed

LetsGoBrandon · 31-35, M
Which Gabriel? If only Muhammad Knows Jesus. He would easily reject that Garbage copy spirit in Jesus name if he wants too.

But unfortunately. Muhammad was mentally sick in the Beginning before he met a falling spirit. He almost killed himself. Actually it's best to kill himself in the first place before all the situations gets worse.

We should remember Satan can be the Angel of light while everyone wants way or another. That's the problem about humans taking the bait.

Btw I notice The book of Mormon claims the same Angel "Gabriel" just like the Quran. Funny how these religions works by man don't you think?

This so called Great Mormon Hero slaughtered Christians as well.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Still with the false idea that an angel spoke to a common thief/pedophile like mohammed? Really? Too bad no one told him that since the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) the testimony of angels is not to be trusted no matter who they say they are. If they claim to be an angel they are demonic.
JonathanSJ · 31-35, M
@MuslimBarbie Muhammad was a good prophet but due to circumstances, he could not understand what Jesus did to whole of the world. Satan deceives people at the wrong time.

What Jesus did for humanity was he got crucified, a sinless offering to God to forgive the sins committed by us. Never married, No kingdom of earth but of God.

The interesting thing here is Satan came to him too but since he was Son of God, he drew the Satan away who was offering him all the pleasure of this life, all the kingdom of the earth.

He is the Sinless lamb of God. Our protector, our savior. In Jesus name, I pray that you, my sister get the light of God soon in your life.
@JonathanSJ Dear Typer I like ur kindness,
However u are right, satan decides people and sometimes so much that evil looks like good an stood looks love evil

The thing i never got about Christianity is if Jesus is god son of god, why did he have to come down, and sacrifive himself, he was god right he sent us here in the first place....then if he was god why ddi he just not forgive humanity just like that, he sacrificed himself so he himself could forgive humanity, how can god have parts, he God the one and only is indivisible...

The truth is satan has made people make up stories against the one and only god
And how can satan try to offer things of this world to god, jesus who made everything as god himself...

Please try to use common sense

I pray to Allah that he guides u too, amen
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
@MuslimBarbie Actually he did say that. He then asked his wife who told him he was not demonic based on some silly test she performed.
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@Emosaur Seriously mind ur language!
Emosaur · 22-25, M
@MuslimBarbie Nope! 😊
This message was deleted by its author.
JonathanSJ · 31-35, M
@MuslimBarbie You know the price of Blood? You know the sinless offering of Lamb by Moses (Musa). Jesus, his son, was that sinless offering to redeem everyone to heaven. In Jesus, God felt the agony, the pain and the suffering, that everyone had to go through, being the Son of man. He carried our burden and the gates of a heaven since then we're wide open for anyone who believed in Jesus, The Christ, the son of God.
@JonathanSJ I know the price of blood
U say in jesus god felt the agony, but wasn't Jesus himself god, or one part of god?
And he is the one who created us like this then....why come down ansd sacrifice himself to let us in heaven....
JonathanSJ · 31-35, M
@MuslimBarbie The entity is God, Son of God and The Holy Ghost. When you look at someone having the desire to look for God, it is the work of Holy Ghost. God is in this form since eternity.

John the Baptist rightly said, "I baptize you with water but, he who is about to come will baptize you with the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is the spirit of Love, the eyes through which one sees God by believing in God's only Begotten son, Jesus, The Christ.

The agony, the pain that Jesus felt was to let the people of this earth know that God, (like any other human being, loves his son who is sinless) , but still sacrifices his son for all the sin which the earthlings were involved in. So that, they know how much God loves the people of Earth,(so much that he sacrificed his son on the cross) to let the doors of heaven open for those who love him back and trust him, in the name of Jesus, The Christ.

(In your Quran also, Jesus is mentioned but as a messanger of God) But when we go to Torah and the Abrahamic origin, we find that Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies by taking birth on this earth, not as a king of this earth but as the son of a man.

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