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i have come to believe something not many ppl talk or think about is that nearly everything Jesus taught and preached, was actually about women..

without outwardly saying it, he was simply teaching about women’s ways.. trying to guide the masculine energy/men to be more like women. to be more in tune, centered, human..

he himself being an awakened human being, tried to help them to remember. to remember that they too are nurturers. that there is a creator/source/love in each and every one of us and how to allow the source/god/universe to work through and with us.

he taught that we are all connected, we are one and the same. something women already felt and understood, but weren’t able to express because of how society at the time treated them.. he tried to show the men how to cultivate their nurturer, their femininity within. but it scared them so much, that they actually killed him. lol.

do we know how women were treated during the era that Jesus was born into? how they are treated there today? are we even surprised that Jesus had such a powerful impact? WOMEN WERE NOT ALLOWED TO BE IN THEIR TRUE ROLE. so a man (Jesus) stepped into the role to demonstrate a nurturing love, the gardener of earth. how to trust and be human… which simply terrified them. lol. why do men fear feminine energy so much..?

hmm,,, now that i am on the subject,, what if Jesus was actually a woman…? 🙃 based on the way the masculine energy has treated femininity as a whole, throughout the history of humankind; it would make sense.. something tells me that i am not alone when i say that any time i have heard about Jesus throughout my life, he always had very nurturing, motherly, powerful, feminine energy.. like a woman..

~ if u made it this far, here is ur puzzle piece. connect it to the next one u find and see what u get, or don’t.. ~question everything, even this puzzle kitten~
~/> 🧩
SilentObZerver · 22-25, M
Interesting....very interesting!
MethDozer · M
Well he did like sandels and wine a whole bunch

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