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I just want you to know that I got all the information and photos from Pastor Dean Odle's video and he is the only one that I watch now. If you like this post; the video is even better, so here is the link:


Now before we get started, I must make this point perfectly clear; you have been programmed since the 1920's by the media and NASA to be immediately turned off as soon as you see the words " flat earth." This is by design because the true
nature and structure and shape of our earth is true Biblical Cosmology ( The Way That God Created It ).

Satan is the god of this world and he has many followers in high places misleading the masses. He is also the Prince and Power of the Air which means he controls all the media
outlets ( tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc...). And his number one mission is to discredit and mock The Biblical Cosmology so you will not accept the true nature of creation and realize the truth of God's word and therefore keep you away from Jesus and accepting Him as your personal savior and so Satan can lead as many souls as possible straight to hell where he is going.

NASA was founded by NAZI Occultists who were and are Satanists. They do not have even one photo of earth; they are all CGIs ( Computer Graphic Images ) and they are photo shopped and they are all lies. Have you ever noticed when looking at their images of earth that there are never any stars or satellites in the picture? And then there is in one image of earth showing North America taking up almost the whole globe and another one showing a very small North American continent. Which is it? They have lied so much that they can't even keep track of their images and that is because the dark ones are fallible and not perfect like God is.

And it is no coincidence that they named their moon missions Apollo because that is another name of Satan ( the destroyer ). Once again putting it in your face and laughing at you.
Rev 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit ( hell ), whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

Every image on tv, movies and news broadcasts always show you a globe in the background; this is programming and MIND CONTROL! But secretly they have to tell you the truth in little ways; go into a store and pick up a globe that you would put on your desk and read what it says on the bottom of the globe and you will read " not for educational purposes ", yet they have these in every classroom starting with very young children.
So the indoctrination is severe and effective!

Satan's followers was foretold 3000 years ago in a Psalm of David:

Psa 2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

The heathen are the masses that are believing the lies ( a vain thing ) that the media is telling them.

Psa 2:2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

The kings and rulers are the presidents, prime ministers and the elites who are against the LORD and His anointed ( Jesus ) because they are Satanists.

Psa 2:3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

The bands and cords are the strict morals, codes, and rules ( commandments ) that God expects us to adhere to and they want to break away from them because they want to live in filthy sin.

I think I have said enough; lets get on with it.

Everything that we know about the universe; what we're made of; galaxies, stars, planets; that's all right in that little white 4% section of the universal pie. So, according to this chart, we are 96% stupid.

There is a crisis in cosmology; usually in science if we're off by a factor of 2 or a factor of 10, we call that a problem; we say something is wrong with the theory, we're off by a factor of 10; however in cosmology, we're off by a factor of 10 to the 120.
That is 1 with 120 zero's after it; this is the largest mismatch
between theory and experiment in the history of science!

This right here is mind blowing when you really consider what
they're saying. These are astrophysicists; these are award winning astronomers and cosmologists and they say in the area of cosmology, we are off by a factor of 10 with 120 zero's beside it. And then they tell us that they only understand about 4% of what's going on in the whole universe; so they say that they're 96% stupid.

I'm just going to put it to you today; I think they're 99.999999999999% stupid. You think about these statements they made about a minute ago about stars exploding and that you came from star dust or the Bible doesn't know what it's talking about; they don't know what those thing are, yet they're going to sit here and tell us that they're 96% stupid; that they don't even know what dark matter is; that their system of gravity
and math and Newton's universal laws of gravitation don't work.

I mean do you understand that's what they just said; this stuff doesn't add up; doesn't work; our system that we came up with
over the last 500 years DOESN'T WORK; IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE; it doesn't equal what we see. Now granted, what they're seeing are stars and clusters of stars and clouds and things like that that are out there, but they're the ones who are blowing it all out of proportion.

They are seeing stars and clusters of stars and even nebula which are cloudy areas and the Bible speaks of these things; it speaks of the dark clouds; it speaks of star clusters like Orion and the Pleiades and all kinds of different ones; it speaks of these things, but the point is they are the ones magnifying it to this massive vast universe.

If you think about Genesis 1 just real quick, something about the sun and the moon; God said that He made the sun, moon and stars; He said He made two great lights; the sun and the moon and He made the stars also. Well then these guys come along and tell us no there are stars out there that are like our sun, but they're HUGE! They're MASSIVE! They're WAY BIGGER THAN OUR SUN!

Wait a minute; God said He made two great lights; sun and moon, yet they come and say no, some of the stars are suns and they're bigger than our sun. They just make up stuff and they make up stuff about these little twinkles of light they see out there. And the missing mass thing is interesting and there has to be this " halo " of matter that holds the sun, the stars and the moon; well guess what? It's called the firmament; and it is mass; it is solid; and they don't understand that that's what they're seeing; and that's what they're having to see through; and they're trying to figure it out with these telescopes.

The way we interpret Scripture is first of all, context; we look at the context; and the context of this entire chapter are literal things. In fact, if you go down to where it talks about the sixth day when God created mankind; Jesus referred to this in Matthew chapter 5 when He was talking about divorce and remarriage and said in the beginning it was not so. God created male and female; so Jesus referred to this as a literal event; as real; Jesus!

I remember one of my Pastors back in the day; Dr. Larry Lee
and this is a sad commentary; and I shared this before, but I had to because it comes up with Genesis 1. He said he was in one of the leading Baptist Seminaries in the country; Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth Texas which is like the the MECCA for the Baptists. He was in graduate PHD classes somewhere in the mid1970's and he said that in one of his classes the professor said the first 11 chapters in Genesis are a true myth; he said the theological implications are true, but there probably never was a man named Adam or a man named Noah, and Larry Lee said he raised his hand and said well Jesus thought they were real and Paul said they were real.

And the professor said well they didn't have the information that we have today. Now that right there is demonic; that right there is demonic deception; that right there is a rejection of the Bible
and that professor could have been a Jesuit infiltrator or just a deceived individual.

So go ahead and read the first two verses of Genesis 1.
Now did that happen or did that not happen Christian? Is this just a poem? Is this just figurative language? Is this just a man's idea of how it happened or was Moses on the mountain with God and God TOLD HIM HOW IT HAPPENED?!?!

If you're a Christian, you better snap out of this believing the world over God.

So continue reading at verse 3.

Well I guess that there's light now, we can believe that that's literal. Oh, wait a minute, we have light, but we don't have the sun, moon or stars; didn't Lawrence Krauss tell us everything came from the stars first? It's just ridiculous. So we have a literal creation in Genesis 1; literal heaven and earth; literal water; literal light; and then we have this pesky little thing here
in verse 6.

So go ahead and read verses 6-8.

Now remember, the Bible over and over uses the term Heavens ( plural ); Heavens and the earth; in fact, the word Shamayim; a
plural Hebrew word means Shama, the sky and mayim the water; Skywater. So basically God created the Heavens and the earth by dividing this water; and by dividing these waters with a thing called the firmament, He created something above, the waters above, and then He created an atmosphere; the open aspect of Heaven; one Heaven; the first Heaven; and the firmament is also called Heaven; the second Heaven; and then above that, the waters, the dark waters that's said that God rides upon; sits upon; and then you have the 3rd Heaven where God's throne is.

If there are waters above our atmosphere, then has anything ever left our atmosphere? Nope; not Apollo anything; not Mercury anything; not Gemini anything; not Sputnik anything; not Cosmonaut anything; and somebody sent me a video of a Russian Cosmonaut saying that they did not go to space. I'm having a Lt. Colonel friend of mine who is fluent in Russian check that for me before I talk about it to confirm it, but
there's a lot of people out there who can speak Russian, so I don't think they would be trying to fake it, but we'll find out for sure shortly.

There's no space out there; there's our atmosphere; there's a level that's a fluid like gas that's a little denser called the Aether
and it's up there pretty high. But going outside; going 240,000 miles away to the moon or going to Mars with the rover or sending out all of this stuff; no; they don't do any of that, and of course I can prove that by their own declassified documents.

One of the things that gets on my nerves the worst, is when somebody says well this is outer space; ok, if it's outer space
where they say the stars, the sun and the moon are; where's the water above that? Dr. Danny Fawkner of answers in Genesis tried to say that there must be water outside of our universe; that's what he goes with. Because they try to define this word " firmament " as an expanse; just an empty expanse, but that's not what it is.

So read verses 9-12.

Again, these are all literal things; dry land; grass; trees; fruit trees with seeds in them; pretty specific; I don't think it's poetic or figurative.

Finish by reading verses 14-15.

Read verse 16.

He made two great lights; not a bunch of massive suns spread out all over an ever expanding universe; that's not what He is teaching here.

Read verse 17.

God SET them; He established them; He placed them IN the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth and to rule over the night etc...

Then He adds something here:

Read verse 20.

So He talks about the firmament that divides the waters above from the waters below, but the open firmament was created by
that dividing wall; so He's calling our atmosphere a heaven; He's calling the firmament itself that created that atmosphere by dividing the waters and the waters a heaven; and then there's what Paul says when he went to the throne of God; he called it the 3rd heaven. That's what the Bible teaches.

Now this is Dr. Michael Heiser who is with logos Bible software; he has a PHD in Hebrew; he's a professor and he teaches. But here's what's sad; he actually teaches what the Bible teaches about Biblical Cosmology; Biblical creation; he actually teaches it correctly, but he doesn't believe it. He believes that they were just using terms like the firmament, the earth, and how God describes it in Genesis 1 is simply how Moses saw it with his own eyes, not a revelation of God's truth.

He says Israelite cosmology has 3 tiers and you can see this in the verse behind him on the screen.

And verse 10 here shows the same thing.

And verse 3 here shows the same thing too.

And here you can read what good ole Wikipedia has to say on the matter. Now how is it that everyone gets this right, but they just don't want to accept it?

Read these verses.

When He drew that circle, He gathered the waters and created the boundary to gather the waters into one place. When He made FIRM the skies above; FIRM! Is there anything firm about air? Air is not very firm. FIRM; FIRMament; that is why they use such words.

So, read the rest of the verses.

Same thing here in Genesis.

And if you would like, you can read this too.

The theory that many Pastors have believed is the canopy theory which is that the firmament was basically a water vapor canopy over the earth and at Noah's flood, God condensed
that vapor canopy and made all that water come down upon the earth and that's what helped cause the flood of Noah and therefore it doesn't exist anymore.

It talks about the windows of heaven were bringing in water and
there was rain from heaven; two different things. Rain comes from clouds, but there was water from above the firmament; that's why the doors and windows were open. Now the canopy theory people would say that's why we had the flood; well you have a little problem Biblically speaking because the Holy Spirit inspired king David...

....to write 1500 years later after the flood in around 1000 BC Psalm 148 and you can read it right now. So, it's really clear here that David by Holy Spirit revelation understood there were waters above the heavens still; so the canopy theory goes out the window with this passage and of course David in Psalm 18
and it's also in Samuel. And you can read Psalm 18:11 now.

This is what the Bible teaches; you can throw the Bible out and say I don't believe it; I believe NASA worshipers and the church of NASA and the church of the European Space Agency; you can worship at their altar, but this is what your Bible teaches whether you like it or not; it does not teach that the earth is a ball; a sphere; it doesn't teach that there is outer space as you've been taught to believe; it doesn't teach any of that; it doesn't teach that the sun and the moon are far away; it teaches that they are close and smaller; the stars are closer and smaller too.

And the firmament is there and it's a solid structure.

The word for firmament in the Hebrew; it we're going to define a word, one of the first things we do is we look at it's context; we've looked at Genesis 1; of course that's not the only place that firmament is used. So take a good look at these Hebrew words. Basically raqiya is the noun and raqa is the verb; kind of like we have command and commandment; commandment is the noun and command is the verb.

And notice it's pretty much the same letters reading from right to left ( in Hebrew we read right to left ); resh, quof, ieem is raqa and raqiya is resh, quof, yod and ieem. Pretty much all Hebrew words have a 3 letter root word and what's interesting about the word resh here just to give you what the letters mean; the pictorial halio Hebrew letters mean; resh means the highest, quof means the dome and ieem means to behold with the eye.

Basically behold the high dome; and raqiya means the high dome by the hand of God behold.

Now all kinds of Pastors keep saying that all firmament means is expanse and in the bad translations of the Bible taken from the Alexandrian text, like the New American Standard, the Revised Standard, the NIV and a lot of them, they would use the term expanse. I'm going to tell you right now, that is an incorrect translation of the words raqiya and raqa as to what they mean; it is not an expanse; it means something solid that has been expanded by force; by pounding or beating it out.

The New American Standard renders this correctly as expanse;
then it contradicts itself and says literally an expansion of plates, i.e. broad plates, beaten out. So this word raqiya or raqa
literally interpreted means to beat out something that's solid; in fact it's used that way in every verse that it's used in.

This tells you again; something SOLID! And in the picture there is somebody taking a solid sheet of metal and beating or thinning it out to expand it and to curve it into the shape of a DOME!

May YHWH, Christ
and the Holy Spirit
bless you,

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