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Universal Spirituality:

The follower of God Datta must respect all religions in the world and also all sub-religions in Hinduism. The God of every religion says that He has created earth and the entire humanity on it. Unfortunately, there is only one earth having humanity and therefore, Gods of various religions must mean that only one God exists, who came down to establish various religions in different languages convenient to the different cultures of different regions in this world. If the follower of a religion says that the scripture given by God in his religion alone will save the human being, our question is that why God, creator of the entire humanity, did not give the same scripture to the entire earth without a time gap?

If you say that your region alone contains good people, are there no bad people in your region, who crucified your own divine preacher? Our country was disconnected with your country for 1700 years since you obtained your divine scripture. In this time gap, several generations went to hell and this is not their fault and as per you, they all have gone to hell! Had your God supplied your divine scripture in the same time to all countries, at least some of our past generations could have gone to God following your divine scripture! This will impose partiality on God and God is always impartial towards the entire humanity since He is the divine Father of all souls!

There is no answer from your side, but, there is answer from our side that the same one God came to all regions in the same time in different media and wrote the scriptures in different languages while the syllabus of all universal religions is one and the same. Hence, from the beginning of the creation, those who followed their scripture reached God and those who did not follow the scripture went to hell. Now, God has no partiality because the souls were rewarded or punished as per their merit and sin. Hence, the follower of God Datta must respect the scriptures of all the religions and must respect the forms of all religions in the world.

Coming to Hinduism, which is a mini-cosmic world, there are several sub-religions in Hinduism and each sub-religion projects itself as the best and only one path to God. The follower of God Datta must respect all sub-religions and various forms of God of all sub-religions as said above. If you understand that God Vishnu and God Shiva are one and the same (Śivaśca Nārāyaṇaḥ— Veda), the Gods of all religions in the world can be one and the same in the similar way. Shankara tried to unite all sub-religions in Hinduism and Swami Vivekananda tried to unite all the religions in the world.

Nobody needs to change his/her religion or sub-religion because the same one God wrote the scriptures for all religions and sub-religions. In all religions and sub-religions, both merits and defects exist. Merits are due to the founders of religions and sub-religions and defects are due to bad followers. If you filter the defects from every religion and sub-religion, you will be surprised to see that the residue leftover on the filter papers is one and the same indicating that there is only one religion with one true spiritual knowledge. Anybody can reach and become close to that one God starting from his own religion and sub-religion.

If all religions and sub-religions stand as points on the circle and the centre of the circle is the unmediated-unimaginable God, the wise devotee will reach the centre starting from his own religion or sub-religion. The forward movement is wise than changing one point to the other in the circle, which is changing one’s own religion to another religion. In India, there is a central government and various states exist with the corresponding state governments. Any citizen of any state government is simultaneously an Indian of the central government. You are already registered in your religion or sub-religion by birth (state) and you must register yourself in our centre by using little logic in your brain.

This central government is our universal spirituality, which says that the one God, the one heaven and the one hell are common in any religion or sub-religion, which further says that you must follow your religion sincerely, simultaneously accepting the universal spirituality. The syllabus is one and the same in all schools and only languages are different. You must rise in your own school from your class to upper class, without changing to other schools in the same class because vertical motion is for progress, whereas horizontal motion is wasting time.

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