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No injustice will takes place in this world!

You must realize that the whole world is the kingdom of God as stated by Jesus. Any injustice will be punished by Him and you need not worry about it. Your view of the punishment is revenge but His view of punishment is to transform the soul. If somebody has stolen your money, don’t pray to God to punish that person. Everything is recorded by Him unlike the courts which register the case only when a complaint is given. The enquiry by God takes place immediately. Sometimes you find no punishment from God and you are scolding God. The silence of God means that the enquiry was completed and the judgment was “no punishment”.

In the previous birth, you might have stolen money from that person and today you paid along with the compound interest. In this case, there cannot be punishment and the enquiry was over.
Since you do not know this, you mistake God for His silence. Suppose such background is not there, then you will get your money with interest in some other way, which is compensated by God. That person will lose the money along with the interest. You will see it with your eyes. But suppose you cursed that person with revenge, you will receive the punishment in addition to the above. Kauravas stole a share of wealth of Pandavas and finally they lost their whole kingdom.

Pandavas gained the total kingdom, which is double the share. But Draupadi was cursing Kauravas aspiring always for the revenge. She was also punished for this as she lost all her children. Therefore, we should not scold even our enemy even by words or mind. God takes care of the entire case. If the injustice wins, it is a black mark for His administration only. He is well aware of it and will take the necessary action. He is more serious in your case than yourself.
JollyRoger · 70-79, M
Welcome to our discussion about God. I understand by your writing that you are Hindu? I am not familiar (not taken the time to study the Hindu religion) with your beliefs. However I believe in one God and that God is good and without fault. He was my creator - giving my body life through my soul that He enlivened it with.
My God is around me all the time. I see His work everywhere I look. I feel His love in the friends he places by my side. I feel His oeace by stopping creating my noise and listening. I hear his truths in the sounds of silence - moving water, wind, crackling fire, the warmth of the sun. I try to follow the leadership shown by His son, Jesus Christ who came to this world as a man to show and tell all people how God wants us to live. Jesus gave us a promise that when our bodies die we will be judged and the good we do for each other will be the credit that will gain us everlasting life in God's presence.
I am thankful to my God. I have no other gods before Him. I do my best (mostly) to help others in this world.
Please tell me about your beliefs.

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