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Service to God

[i]- Your knowledge also stresses on the service in the mission of propagation of knowledge & sacrifice to alive human incarnation for pleasing God, since the pleasure can be observed in the face of alive human incarnation. After the exit of any alive human incarnation the possibility of such direct service for subsequent devotees who will believe in the knowledge may not be there, since the receiving medium to receive service is no more available. Can You please clarify on this?[/i]

[b]Shri Swami replied: [/b]The human incarnations will appear in every generation of the humanity. If the donor is available, where is the scarcity of beggars! (While dictating this, Shri Phani told that the human incarnation is the real donor and the human donor is the beggar). It is correct that the Lord is the real donor, but the Lord has fascination to enjoy in all roles. Hence, He takes the role of a beggar also to have variety or change in the entertainment. The Lord always won and the demons always ran [away] from Him. The Lord got the fascination to enjoy the role of a runner also. Lord Krishna started running after seeing the demon called Kalayavana and fulfilled His desire for variety in entertainment. All do not have the ability to identify the human incarnation. Therefore, the second address of God is the real devotee as said by the sage Narada in the Bhaktisutra (Tanmayaa hi te).

The Lord identifies Himself with His real devotee also. In fact, the second address is more beloved to the Lord. The Lord did not mind His personal abuse given by the demon Hiranyakashipu, but, became very furious when His devotee, Prahlada, was abused by the same demon. The basic concept here is that your service should be to alive items only and not to the inert items. Some selfish cheaters exploit your service from the backside advising you to do service to inert items representing them as models for the Lord. The concept of representative models is not bad for the beginners at least, but, cheating the devotees in the name of the Lord is very bad sin. The Lord is pleased with your direct service to Himself through the human incarnation since the service reaches Him directly. The Lord is more pleased with your service to His devotees, though it is indirect.

The Lord is not at all pleased with your service done to His inert representative models though the very concept is not objectionable, which is used to develop theoretical devotion. You will be pleased when you are served directly. But, you will be more pleased when your beloved son is served, though you do not receive that service directly. The common point in both the services is that you serve alive items. If somebody says that he worships your photo, will you be so much pleased? You or your son will enjoy the sweet offered by the other person.

If the same person says that he offers the sweet to your photo every day (himself swallowing that sweet after the offer) are you pleased? God is also pleased if you offer food to a poor hungry person and save his life so that he will have opportunity to become a devotee of God. All these cases stress on the basic concept that your service should be to living and not to non-living. Of course, service to undeserving alive items also is a sin and should be avoided by discrimination through analysis (Samvidaa deyam— Veda). It is the responsibility of your faculty of intelligence to identify the real human incarnation and real devotee. Risk lies with everything in this world and should be avoided only by careful and sharp analysis.

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