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Plotting a course

I don't really believe in plotting a course. I actually think that most will be "saved" (call it what you will, imagine it how you like) [i]in spite[/i] of their beliefs rather than because of them. No-calculation. Let reality surprise me.

But nevertheless, mental health wise I have sought over the past few months to isolate myself as much as possible from the influence of the world. Virtually never listen to the news apart from the headlines, stopped buying/reading newspapers, dropping all interest in following any sport. To be honest, as far as the past couple of years is concerned, I have never felt so good. Often a deep sense of well-being. A lot of useless noise has stopped. I seem more in touch with the "moment".

Just reporting how it is. But who knows the future. Life.is full.of surprises.
Starmaiden · 56-60, F
You and I are following the same path. I haven't owned a TV or radio in 10 yrs and I don't read newspapers. I listen to music that I, myself have hand picked and uploaded to my playlist. You are correct in saying that a lot of useless noise has stopped. Inner Peace is powerful.
GrinNude · 61-69, C
Definitely. We can look down the road but we can't see around the corners. There's always surprises. And most of them are pleasant. It's so nice to have frequent feelings of impending good. Lol
ShadowWorker · 61-69, F
I agree, with everything you have expressed. 😊
But..a little plotting is needed at times with certain things.
@ShadowWorker Yes, maybe getting a balance. The Pure Land "way" really gets along without being a way at all. Things are "made to become so of themselves" beyond our calculation. Faith (Japanese "shinjin") is "salvation" itself, not a means to salvation.

[i]Whether going to the Pure Land
Or going to Hell
All is in Amida's hands[/i]

The pure Trust that [i]all shall be well[/i] is everything.

Nevertheless, some choices remain to be made. It is a learning curve.
exchrist · 31-35, T
Very good that you are learning to be centered. I need to improve on this myself

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