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Isn't it tragic.

Isn't it tragic that the most strident voices here on SW in respect of "belief" are the "One Wayers" (what on earth can you call such people, when they themselves only prefer the title "True Christian"?) Yes, just One Way.

One Way - but not that of Grace. Not that of Mercy. Not even that of any God that has come to be known and revealed throughout our world's Faith Traditions.

No. Their "One Way" is THEIR way. Having been indoctrinated into a time conditioned way of understanding the texts of a particular book, they presume such understanding is the "One Way". Christianity - and all other Faiths - in it's full width, breadth and depth they know nothing of, all who [i]do[/i] dismissed as "apostates" and "heretics" - this all as foretold in obscure bits of the New Testament that they in fact have no true understanding of.

There is no dialogue with such peop!e.

No doubt they will address this post with cut and paste verses from the New Testament. They are simply blind to how circular such a defence of their position is. "Look, this is the Word! It says so here! And I alone understand its full meaning! The spirit guides the true believer! I can't possibly be wrong!"

How sad. No one is questioning their "salvation" - however envisaged- yet the way they slam the door in the faces of all who question their own insular creed is a disgrace to the Christian Faith and in fact shows a contempt for the actual [i]Living Word[/i] that [i]blows where it will. [/i] Setting parameters to the Grace of the Divine, parameters determined by our own particular creed and understanding, comes very close to blasphemy.
In all fairness, the more radical branches of most religions stringently indoctrinate their followers to be just those things you decry.

It results in an us versus them strategy. We are right, they are wrong.

This has the beneficial effect of isolating them from those who think otherwise. Not only are they infidels, but we'll likely have to go to war to defend ourselves.

ANYBODY who discourages questioning or interaction with non-believers is dangerous, whether it's a cult (i.e., a different approach) or the local congregation.

I have difficulty mustering anger at those who behave abominably in the name of God. Most have been trained from little up and the brain paths are carved in stone.
TelegramSam · 70-79
@Mamapolo2016 Yes, there are what could be called "fundamentalists" (or the doctrinaire) in all Faiths and - let's face it - those with no faith in [i]anything[/i] specific at all can nevertheless be extremely prejudiced and opinionated. I think we must always keep watch on our own mind/hearts.
TelegramSam · 70-79
My own path, Pure Land Buddhism, is not free of internal conflicts, divisions and name calling - I've been known to shout out a few names myself.....😀

Ideally all are "one". Some would "know" Amida as "him (or her) up there" and the Pure Land where Amida will take us when we die. Others will "know" Amida as a personification of Reality-as-is and the Pure Land is [i]here, now[/i] when [i]seen[/i] with new eyes - the eye of faith. And all points in-between, each of us unique.

Yet there is no higher or lower understanding, no deeper or more shallow. All understandings are, at base, [i]conceptual[/i] and the actual receiving of grace in the mind/heart is not of concept. It is simply the Reality in which we "live and move and have our being". The most "coarse" understanding can yet cloak a true surrender to Grace.

This is all in line with the rejection of "views" by the Buddha himself, or at least to hold them lightly (as per the Parable of the Raft - for [i]passing over[/i] not for [i]grasping[/i] ) This to bring forth the Middle Way - not a position between two extremes but a "no-position" that supersedes [i]all[/i] views and positions.

Well, I'm rambling away as usual.
TelegramSam · 70-79
This is common parlance from those actually aware of the broad dimensions of the Christian Faith throughout its 2000 years:-

[i]Fundamentalism as a conscious and deliberate insistence on the literal and historical factuality of Scripture came into existence early in the twentieth century. Rather than being “traditional Christianity,” it is a modern reaction to the worldview of the Enlightenment.[/i]

I'd say that such a way of understanding has slowly emerged over the past few centuries, but essentially what it says is true. The insistence and belief that what is often offered here as "true Christianity" has always been some sort of norm simply demonstrates a lack of knowledge. And I'd say, yes, basically a negative reaction to the modern worldview.

(Just to say, I also have reservations about what could be called the "modern worldview" as some sort of absolute, but a retreat into literalism is not any answer at all)
Idontdomornings · 31-35, M
I have never been a religious person, but respect those with any kind of beliefs as long as it involves no harm. No one is perfect, but I think we could strive to be a better person without institutions telling us what to think or should believe, especially church doctrines.
TelegramSam · 70-79
@Idontdomornings Hi, not "religious" in any particular sense myself. Not a member of any group. Very secular lifestyle. Unfortunately those who claim to be the sole possessors of all truth still manage my buttons...😀
Adstar · 56-60, M
There is Only One Way to eternal life with the LORD Jesus.. And that is by believing Jesus and trusting in the Atonement Jesus secured on the cross for the forgivness of ones sins...

Thats not tragic.. Thats the Truth.. And it Stands..
TelegramSam · 70-79
@Adstar The One Way is pure gift, grace. Variously received, variously realised. Known always in Christianity as the Universal Christ.

Your own Jesusainity is a time conditioned understanding derived from the Reformation and Martin Luther, the printing press and mass literacy, where in effect the Word as text replaces the eternal [i]Living Word[/i] which [i]blows where it will[/i] (and NOT according to the dictates of you)

Please try not to slam the door in the faces of others who do not share your own time conditioned understanding.

Thank you.

I will not respond to you again.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
That's a long winded way of "radicalised terrorists," champ.

They see only "ride or collide" and act all surprised when people would rather collide.
TelegramSam · 70-79
@jshm2 Well, call it "long winded". I was simply incorporating a more positive way of understanding. As I see it.


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