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The Path of a Dragon Master ~ Draconic Magick #1

[quote][b][c=004A59]I would like to explain that this post contains several personal experiences I have in connection with Draconic Magick and should not be followed as the specific path or journey that you would want to go forth. How you choose to practice this specific "branch" of Wicca and Magick is up to you. I always recommend doing your own personal research and studying to the extent that you made a balanced foundation to follow and continue learning about it![/c][/b][/quote]

[b][c=004A59]The Lore of Dragon/Draconic Magick is the practice of Magick in connection with the energies and symbolism of Dragons. These are beautiful beings often called on as Guardian Spirits. Dragons to me are Astral beings, having form and existence but they do not have the ability to manifest on the Physical plane that we inhabit. Their bodies are made of energy, but the will and personalities that we connect with are very real and independent of us. They do not only exist when we call upon them. They don't wait, suspend in time, until we seek their assistance...they do have other things to do and their own lives to lead. What may be convenient for you, may not be for them. As Astral beings, time may flow differently for Dragons, but they are in no way bound to our wills nor must they obey our commands. However, they are like a Spiritual Guide if we do seek assistance from them in our Magickal workings. Think of them as The Elementals (Gnomes, Undines, Salamanders, Faeries) for example. The difference between Dragons and these other mentioned beings is that their energy is much "stronger" and "denser".

In simpler terms, working with Dragon/Draconic Magick is something intense that brings drastic results, in my opinion, and from personal experience working with them. However, if you have a connection with these Astral beings, follow your intuition and embrace this path of Magick.

The Draconic Tradition has a 'Code of Honor' similar to the 'Wiccan Rede' but in my opinion, is a little stricter per se. It is a set of moral values that the Dragons of Olde look for among human practitioners who attempt to work with them. This code is more than just a set of rules you must follow in your Magickal workings, it is a way of life. Applying this set of values to your personal life will do so much more than just allow you to work with Dragons. This moral code can and will enhance every aspect of your life.[/c][/b]

[b][u][c=004A59]The Draconic Code of Honor[/c][/u][/b]

[b][c=004A59](1) Loyalty (2) Honor (3) Respect (4) Honesty (5) Strength[/c][/b]

[b][c=004A59]To work with Dragon/Draconic Magick, you need to be honest, have honor, know how to recognize your mistakes and your correctness, have respect for them, and for nature as a whole, and especially to know that these Astral beings will help you, but you will be the one to reciprocate and live the changes. This Code of Honor should not be taken lightly. Dragons are very particular and demanding when it comes to which humans they allow calling upon them or who they choose to work with, and they are very strict when it comes to the Code.

Dragons are teachers of ancient knowledge, their grasp of it is deep and profound. Their abilities are far-stretched than most can imagine especially when it comes to the accuracy of divination, for example. As protectors during rituals and everyday life, there are no equals. If a Dragon chooses to take you under their wings, you will have the opportunity of learning knowledge from them and evolve your Magickal ability, which few have done.

A lifelong practice with Dragons can form a bonding companionship with them. Although in my experience, this companionship can seem extremely daunting, at times, it is always in your best interests. If it is practiced daily, it can be a joyful addition to your life, not to mention the benefit that both species gain in their evolution and spiritual growth. The more that you seek them out, work with them and earn their trust, the more Dragoons will be encouraged to once again have a closer, positive relationship with us, practitioners, in general as they did in old times.

Dragon/Draconic Magick is not for everyone. Those that choose to practice, must be self-disciplined individuals who are serious about changing things in their lives and the surrounding world around them. We must be willing to allow change, allow these Astral beings to be that honest with us, and be willing to return that same acknowledgment upon ourselves. Working with Dragons as a whole is a hard path to follow, but ultimately rewarding in the future.

Blessings to all! Stay tuned for the next part of this series. ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ”ฎ๐ŸŒ›๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒœ[/c][/b]

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