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First day in history a state of emergency for violence in New York, as violence has increased over 100% all over in the USA, [Spirituality & Religion]

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InHeaven · F Best Comment
Cops resign maybe
Carazaa · F
@InHeaven I think they said they will increase investigations into whats happening.
InHeaven · F
I read that Minneapolis police are resigning. @Carazaa Well weren’t the people of UNited States screaming to defund police last year? So, why complaining now. Some day no one will come after they call 911

Is he going to lock down the state again? Maybe kill some more of the elderly? Or is this all a distraction from his sexual misconduct?
TeirdalinFirefall · 31-35, M
It's time to roll out the first line of RoboCops!
Carazaa · F
@TeirdalinFirefall I think its the sign of the times, Jesus is coming very soon.
Glad to see we are living in that liberal utopia
Nope. lol Some actual facts.
So left wing propaganda. It funny how so many of you pretend to be different when the only difference is who spoon feeds you propaganda @PicturesOfABetterTomorrow
@SW-User Lol. Because apparently facts and objective reality is "left wing propaganda" now.

Have fun in the echo chamber.

Yes the word facts is just like the words racist, sexist, conspiracy, false, nazi, fascist, communist, Marxist, coincidence, socialist. The list goes on and on. Just words used by the puppet herds to keep bickering at each other to feel inferior about their brainwashed beliefs. @@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow
This post is closed and no longer available for commenting.
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