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Good Works are Powerless Against Sin - As Well As God's Saving Grace [Spirituality & Religion]

Truth plus error, always equals error. False religions can have great allurement, as many individuals see SOME truths, and this is what draws them into the deception.

What if somebody was to drop a bit of poison in your coffee every day? It was not enough to kill you, but eventually over time after consuming many cups, you end up being poisoned. There was nothing wrong with the coffee, but the increasing dosages of poison is what destroyed you. Jesus said He's the Way, the Truth, and the Life. There was no other way unto God except through Him. [c=#003BB2]He didn't die for a lie.[/c]

Some imagine salvation is gained by working hard to erase the debts of ones existence. They strive to meet their god's approval, serving and worshipping him. When good deeds atone for bad deeds, then a person becomes one with their god and ceases the cycle of rebirths. They never know how long that will take, of course, or when they've done enough good deeds to earn heaven. This seems to be a very insecure way to live, only [u]hoping[/u] God might save them. But Jesus didn't leave us to guess about how to have eternal life in heaven.

Jesus ALREADY loves and accepts you....regardless of your sins. We don't have to do anything to win His favor. We already have it. That is the meaning of God's grace. His grace is un-earned favor. You don't have to do anything to [b]earn[/b] it, as you [b]already have it[/b]. If God's grace depended on our COOPERATION, [u]it would no longer be grace[/u].

In fact, in the Spirit world, sin [b]automatically[/b] condemns us, because SIN KEEPS US separated from God…..UNTIL Jesus forgives us our sins. And then fellowship with God is restored and we receive eternal life in heaven. It is God that sets the standard for salvation. Never mankind.

leowander · M
As always very well done and it's high quality writing I would expect to find in a published book.
[@3808,leowander] You're the best. ❤🤗

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