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Don't believe that devil's lies. Why would Jesus condemn us to hell, then die on the cross to SAVE us? [Spirituality & Religion]

It is ultimately [b]you[/b], that chooses your eternal destiny.

God gave us all free will. If He violated your right to choose,
it would no longer be [b]your[/b] will, but [b]His[/b].

God expressly, told us in His sweet Word, that His [b][c=#BF0000]WILL[/c][/b] is that [b][c=#BF0000]none of us perish![/c][/b] John 3:16

He proved His love when he died on the cross for [b]all[/b]; and not just for [b]ONE[/b].

Instead of our sins, condemning to hell, He wants to see all in heaven.

Jesus proved, His love and protection of us, by offering His free salvation. He's prepared a Heavenly home for you, where death is no more and no sadness.

If you'd like to accept Jesus's offer to you, just go to Him and tell him. He'll welcome you, with a great big smile, and open arms.
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
the unrighteous will twist the Word to attempt to manipulate the perceptions of the meanings. While God's children hold it close and know it is true.
[@25801,DeluxedEdition] yes, the proof is in the experience, and it's something that would never forgets in their hearts. Thanks for your thoughts. God bless you.
DeluxedEdition · 22-25, F
[@417971,LadyGrace] [quote]the proof is in the experience, and it's something that would never forgets in their hearts[/quote]

well said :) thank you for your thoughts as well!
Agent · 61-69, M
Jesus doesn't condemn us to hell. The only sin that condemns one to hell is that of unbelief. You send yourself to hell for unbelief. If one does not believe in Jesus Christ's provision for salvation, then he will go to hell for his unbelief.
[@1204758,Agent] Exactly. I'm just about to share the details of why, in an upcoming post. I'm so glad you're saved. 🤗
Agent · 61-69, M
Do I have to ask Jesus into my heart to be saved>
[@1204758,Agent] When we willingly invite Jesus into our heart and life to be our Savior, and ask him to forgive us of our sins, yes, for a new life in Christ, Jesus promises to forgive us of our sins and as soon as he does, God the Father sends His Holy Spirit, as a sign that you are forgiven and have eternal life, to dwell in you and he guides you and gives you peace, Joy, love and many more things.

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