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What is it like to believe in salvation? Is it easy? a bit too easy? [Spirituality & Religion]

It's not my intent to say that you are wrong for believing in what you do, but for me personally, one of the most absurd ideas I ever took issue with the faith that I was raised in is the this very notion that through belief and a hail mary that all is forgiven. No it's not. That shit you live with throughout your life and is your cross to bear (or do something about)

I'm not one to believe in or speculate of an afterlife, reward or punishment for living a life as you do, although for me personally, I feel what it is like to bring myself before the scale every day, and it's for being able to live with myself in the here and now that I try to be a better person.

Any thoughts on this?
purplepen · 51-55, F
We bear lots of things and go through lots of trouble and grief, even with salvation, which I do believe in. I think modern church speak is full of cliches and a lot of people get by with spouting Bible passages at things inappropriately. The whole issue of human suffering is greatly downplayed in a lot of religious settings. Being a Christian doesn't mean we don't have to suffer just like everyone else; it just means God is with us and if we remain faithful to Him we will be with Him forever. And what you said about living in the here and now is very important too.
TechniCoIorBroccoli · 46-50, F
I agree with u on this mougy
walabby · 61-69, M
I find it illogical that axe murderers can "see the light" and spend eternity in heavenly bliss, but decent people that have NEVER done a thing wrong, but don't "believe", for whatever reason, are going to roast in hell forever..
Makes no sense at all....

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