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I never actually figured out why the dining area always sounded like there are people eating there at midnight when no one's downstairs. How? [Spirituality & Religion]

I would immediately come downstairs and no one was there. I placed in CCTV and nada. But I could hear plates and the chairs moving. So weird.
nonsensiclesnail · 46-50, F
I lived in a house that had one window, that no matter what the weather was outside, when you looked through it it looked like rain was falling.
But I didn't think much of it. It was a 100 year old house - old windows. Whatever. But when I moved my dogs in, every now and then they, together would sit and either bork viciously at this window, or cower in fearful obedience to it.
[@441353,DiscombobulatedBunny] That's scary!
nonsensiclesnail · 46-50, F
[@487535,wafertime] Was absolutely peculiar, that is for certain. Only scared me occasionally though.

when I hear things that don't belong - unless I have someone else with me that can her them as well, I assume I'm only hallucinating. Because, I do that too.
That being said, in this same house i have had days where I could be sitting at my table, alone in the house and listen to people talking and moving boxes around in my basement. People walking through my house, on their phone. Their shoes clacking on the hardwood floors and I am the only other person in the house. I'm not ever sure what to make of it.
I hope whoever lives there now does not have to deal with all of that.
sassypants · 31-35, F
A haunting maybe. Better call thee ghost hunters. 😯
[@581300,sassypants] I stopped hearing the midnight noise the past few months. It suddenly disappeared just like how it appeared.
My house still sounds like a family lives here
AHugo · 61-69, M
CCTV will be ok unless something invisible!!

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