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Do you know the Relationship between the Evangelicals, Segregation and Abortion?

Evangelicals considered abortion a Catholic issue and actually supported Roe v Wade, until desegregation started getting momentum.

MarineBob · 56-60, M
church and state is supposed to be separate
So what this implies is that anti-abortion campaigns are yet another form of racism -
deliberately targeted at increasing the deaths of pregnant black and brown women due to insufficient medical care during pregnancy complications and labour, and deliberately reducing the numbers of black and brown babies born due to these same complications.

Based on the stats - black and brown women 118 times more likely to die due to lack of access to care in the southern states - you're probably right. :( :( :(
@BohemianBoo Yes. I'm sure they already have lots of charities for fostering and adoption.

Unfortunately, from what we now know from the histories of such children, many adopt and foster for the wrong reasons and the results are even worse than being raised by a parent who doesn't want or can't look after a child.
Although many adopting/fostering parents are responsible and loving, an abnormally high proportion (compared to biological parents) have been found by the courts and special investigations to have treated their kids as sexual or work slaves.
@hartfire Actually, they don’t adopt or foster in numbers any higher than those who identify as pro-choice, according to Pew. However, they do consistently vote against funding for social programs that would provide help with education, and aid for low income. They did before Roe v. Wade and there’s no reason to believe they’d change now that they’ve gotten their way.
@bijouxbroussard So sad, and so short-sighted.
I've always believed that public money spent on helping people out of poverty (via decent housing, social amenities, education, medicine, help with disabilities, etc) is the best way to reduce violence and produce a happier, more just and more productive society.
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DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Always religion has been the central issue. It doesn't matter what issue either.

Though it's interesting that Clarence Thomas is Catholic.

The worst of all of the big ones. Especially on any woman's rights much less any other issue.


[quote]Clarence Thomas (born June 23, 1948) is an American lawyer and jurist who serves as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Religion. Clarence Thomas was reconciled to the Catholic Church in the mid-1990s. In his autobiography, ...[/quote]

There's a reason why he ignored the first amendment.
This is angering. 😡
Yeah, I knew this. Positions have changed many times, even within the Catholic faith itself.
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@SW-User you’re just plain wrong but that’s okay. I’m still Catholic and I haven’t even taken a position because this topic is a difficult one for me. Personally, I would never abort… not even if it was rape, but I have difficulty saying that should be every woman’s position. Be safe and be well. Light and love.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
@SW-User Since 1588.
tindrummer · M
post-racial, right?
just ask 'em
Here is the Venn Diagram of all three:

When Roe v. Wade passed, Nixon is recorded as commenting about abortion needing to be available because of interracial pregnancies.
I wonder if NPR is aware that there [i]are[/i] other countries and evangelicalls in rather a lot of them

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