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The History of Women's Reproductive rights in the US by a Law Professor

Here is a link to a very interesting article about this topic.

One thing I learnt was that "abortion was legal in every state at the time the Constitution was adopted, and it was fairly common."
I wonder how men would react to abortion laws if it became nation-wide law that each male must personally raise every child he sired (if the mother could show that she conceived against her will or was economically, mentally or physically unable to be a parent). Genetic tests now make the sire so easy to prove.

I reckon all of a sudden there would be a massive increase of funding and research into male contraception.

Once men controlled their fertility, every child conceived would be the man's personal responsibility.

Even then, a woman's body is her own and she deserves the right to free access to controlling her own conceptions. --Sometimes contraception fails or other factors (rape, incest or severe genetic abnormalities) are beyond the woman's control. She should never be penalised for what is not her fault.

Our world is already massively overpopulated - to the point where we humans are destroying this planet's climates and ecosystems - hence destroying ourselves and nature.

Unwanted children inevitably suffer from lack of love and care. Bringing them into the world is irresponsible and only increases the sum of suffering.
There’s a saint in Ireland who one of her miracles was performing an abortion on a fellow nun who had conceived. The Catholic Church’s official stance for a long time was that the soul was imparted at birth so abortion was not murder. The stance was changed after a long lobbing by the medical profession that was losing too much money from midwives performing abortions.
Zeusdelight · 61-69, M
@SW-User The Church ran the Spanish Inquisition - it has been wrong on occasions. She has had blemishes and continues to have them, no matter how hard she tries.
@Zeusdelight I agree. And I say this as a definite believer. I truly love my faith but their stance on a myriad of issues can and has not only been wrong at times but it also will and does change course over time as well, with better understanding of the issues. This is one thing that I really love about the Catholic faith is it is not so rigid and absolute that it will not change course when a something ends up clearly being wrong. I read scripture and try to get my best understanding but I ultimately keep my own council as sometimes the interpretations that I’m told by some is clearly not what I’m seeing or feeling in my own heart. I let love and kindness be my guide which does make the question of abortion very difficult, as we are weighing the rights and safety of the woman over those of the child. I don’t know what the answer is tbh. I know I can’t carry a child but if I could, I would not terminate for any reason, even if it put my life in danger or a case of rape. That being said, it’s hard for me to feel like we should mandate that choice for every woman, especially ones that don’t even share my faith. I am pro-life… just not necessarily anti-choice as far as legislation for the defining laws of our country.
@Zeusdelight I appreciate the polite debate your post has offered. Be well.
TexChik · F
On June 21. 1788 abortions were a thing? I think it was a little later (around 1848) that abortions were more commonly being performed and it was highly frowned upon by the medical and clerical communities
But how is it a "right"? It's not a right, It's a natural process created for procreation. They have abused and twisted it like humans do with everything. It's a moral issue and that alone. Really the government and people have no damn biz in it. It's the conscious of [i]each[/i] woman and what she chooses. SHE will have to answer for it.
@DeWayfarer I agree that the 1st Amendment needs clarification.

If the USA is a signatory to the Universal Bill of Human Rights and wishes to remain so, then it has a legal obligation to clarify these rights in its Constitution.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@hartfire It will unfortunately take a revolution first before that can happen.

This is a religious war after all.
From what I witness of the intensity in the debates, I'm sure that's true. :(
alongalone · M
Well we need more babies. Let's shoot for a trillion. This world ain't gonna burn this muthafucka to the ground by itself. White trash meth addicted babies will one day rule the world! Go Trump!

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