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I Believe In Traditional Family Values

I grew up in a household where love and respect are highly valued. The younger ones always have to listen to their elders and the older family members are allowed to discipline the younger ones as they see fit. It has always been like this since my parents' time and will continue to be so for more years to come.

Likewise, my brothers often take charge when my parents aren't around (technically theres only me and them left) and I am obliged to listen to them or there will be consequences. Hence I don't fancy being the youngest but I'm glad they don't abuse their authority and still love me unconditionally :)
adshaw · 36-40, M
I like the consistency in your family. I know there are down sides to being the youngest but being the eldest also has its drawbacks. We naturally feel and are raised to be responsible, often beyond our years. Your brothers love you and want what's best for you, so the more you cooperate the better it is for everyone.
Angellina · 22-25, F
Yea I can see what you mean hahaha
My second brother's still pretty down to earth though, he's really chill sometimes :P
Oh, you are one of those with the spanking fetish, so no wonder.

And I am sure you are neither 17 nor a woman.
Angellina · 22-25, F
Well it's up to you to judge me however you like :P
You zeroed in on spanking even though she never mentioned it. There is much more to discipline than spanking -- though in most (all) traditional families there will be spanking. She did describe am defining characteristic of traditional families and that is a natural hierarchical structure. Even though heirarchy is part of the natural order (everywhere) modernity hates it. It prefers families that are a democracy (without a constitution) where parents are just friends. In the traditional family the parents are absolute monarchs who may delegate authority down hierarchical lines --including the maintaining of discipline, which could include the authority to levy punishment.
adamb · 46-50, M
@beckychandler: well said
Rusty6 · 61-69, M
Cool. You are truly blessed to be in a family like that
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I don't believe you, but that is beside the point, why don't you be your big tall liberal self and be tolerant of these people with a harmless fetish just as you are so wonderfully tolerant of the killing of unborn children in name of the almighty value -- "choice"
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You are so very tall and ignorant. "Spanko" refers to people who get off on talking , role playing spanking --they don't actually spank children. So quit incorrectly using that term, just because it rolls off your tongue like "President Bawbag." Now me, and probably Angellica, you can legitimately go after -- because you are in the tradition of Rousseau and the permissive parenting ideologues of the left: Just don't incorrectly use the term "spanko"
chastewoman · 56-60, F
PM me so we can talk
sighmeupforthat · 46-50, M
wait... consequences?

ok, that's all i needed to hear.

tradition and values, yeh. no thanks.
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