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My Residents...

I've written about one of my Residents that always looks at my dresses and inspects them. She's on the dementia unit, and they're able to roam around their unit, but it's locked for their safety. I went to the unit this afternoon and she was so pleasant and being her beautiful self so I asked if she would like to go for a walk. I informed her nurse I was taking her.

We get outside of her unit and and she's just looking around and I asked if she would like to go outside. She gets out there and just takes this deep breath and goes there's nothing like fresh air. She's a true Southern Belle y'all, and she goes well. I reckon we better get inside before I catch a chill, all the while gathering her sweater. 馃槀 I took her all over the facility before I took her to her unit, and everyone was just greeting her, and that made her feel good. We stopped by the Chaplin office, and they talked for a bit.

I took her back to her unit, and I asked if she wanted to sit with her peers, and she was like, no, take me to my room. She instructed me to sit, and she said, "I want to thank you for spending time with me today." She said,"I get lonely, but you've made my day." She kissed me on my hand and prayed for me and told me she loved me. Y'all, I was a bucket of water!!! It's HARD not to get attached! She's 93, and her dementia comes and goes. She may not remember tomorrow or this afternoon, but this past hour, she was herself, and I was so blessed to be in her presence. 馃挍馃挍馃挍

I'm still not sure what she did for a living. 馃
dannyppaul61-69, M
you're an angel
@dannyppaul Thanks. I really love what I do. I try my best to make them feel happy and loved.
maybe she just was a house wife how old is she ?
@PEACH4LIFE true people in their 90s dont not have much. hope she lives to 100 so you can take her for more walks.
@PEACH4LIFE hope you dont mind i message you to say hi
@justcurious2019 I hope she does too.
dumasme51-55, M
oh, you did a good thing for her today.
@dumasme I hope I did. She was good for me too. We both needed each other.
dumasme51-55, M
@PEACH4LIFE you should have no doubt in your sea-going mind, it was a very good thing. You make me proud to be a human :)
@dumasme Thanks!
pdockal56-60, M
Your awesome
@pdockal So are you! 馃
pdockal56-60, M

Awwww thanks

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