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What a horrible start to my day

Switching channels while having breakfast, and there is the monstrous Jeremy Kyle suicide inducer ,ranting .I didn't know he had been allowed back ,it isnt entertaining 馃あ
I remember criminals with very low IQs demanding to go on his show to prove their innocence. Like Karen Matthews.
SteelHands61-69, M
His name and person were hailed worthy.

ALL television and his audience considers the guests low born trash.

Illiterate inferior mistakes of nature who would be better off dead.

Wise up. It's not just him. That's why he's still welcome on the tube.
SteelHands61-69, M
@Jimbo7 I'm not in the UK but I've looked into the story.

I suppose you are correct.

That doesn't exonerate his staff, his crew, the station managers or the whole media industry at large that promos, profits and provides shock value in many forms to feather nests, propagate a myth poor people are crass sh't, tp aggrandize and consider themselves superior.
Jimbo761-69, M
@SteelHands He is just a nasty piece of work
SteelHands61-69, M
@Jimbo7 Agreed.
Jimbo761-69, M
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