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The kfc I work at is so damn dirty let me explain

Ok so years ago when I worked there first there was a roach infestation. Not long before I left the first time we got a new store manager and he turned things around and the place got cleaned up. I left to go work elsewhere because I got sick of some stuff and wanted more pay. So a few years later I came back and it was all dirty again I left to go to burger king. I quit burger king and came back and I see things haven't changed. I guess we got a new store manager a few months before I came back and he's doing his best to turn things around I guess. He's a nice man but if you ask me the problem is the morning manager. She's worked there longer than I have and she was there everytime I worked there. She's near my age, loud, always vaping in the office, often late, rude and acts like you bother her all the time even with customers, snaps at you over every little thing, always has one air pod in and is always on the phone talking about whatever. Her kids work there too and are always late or don't show. She's fired her daughter many times yet still rehires her.

Anyways back to the dirty conditions. There is trash always in the lobby, bathrooms are never cleaned much, the mens room has been out of order for ages. Lobby is swept and mopped whenever the tables are always dirty. Kitchen isn't much better, trash and food on the floor, built up dirt and grease everywhere in corners. Mop sink area is nasty, dish area is nasty. I swear to god nothing is ever cleaned right or at all. A lot of the problem is we barely have anyone working. If you are lucky you got 2 cooks in the back and 2 up front. That's on a good day. There was one day I was supposed to be working service because I made it clear if I come back I want to be service and not cooking in the back like before. What did my ass get stuck doing? Yeah I got stuck making the chicken because the cook that was meant to be there quit so that meant besides the morning manager I was the only one who knew how to do the job.

I swear I should try to take some pictures on the down low for you all to see. Before you all say well why don't you clean then I try my best to keep my area clean but we are so short handed and run so ragged I barely even have time for that somedays. I really want to clean the lobby because when I did my oreintation videos I sat in some old ass crumbs and my hand got sticky from the table. I was not happy about that. Oh and yeah we have a 1.9 rating on Yelp ha I wonder why. Google reviews gave us a generous 3.3 rating. I regret coming back already but I wasn't getting enough hours at burger king
If you have time to take pictures or write all that, you have the time to completely clean that store, from restrooms to lobby.
Rickety old people with a smoking habit do this all the time. It's about gathering the cheap cleaning supplies - think Dollar tree - and it's about focus.
Remove trash, line the cans with clean plastic bags.
Wipe the tables, clean the restrooms with restroom cleaner and paper towels, fill the toilet paper dispenser, make sure there's soap.
Sweep out the floor, mop everywhere there's floor. Always dump and rinse and squeeze the mop and drape it over the bucket.
I'd be done in 40 minutes the first time, half an hour after it's more clean every day.
buriedalive · 46-50, M
@SW-User its bad
@buriedalive people shouldn’t eat there 🤢🤢🤢
lexij01 · 46-50, C
Contact the health department they will do a spot inspection and if need be a huge fine and close the place down until it's deemed suitable to reopen. Best do this before somebody dies.
@lexij01 why not just clean it?
Are people afraid of janitorial duties? It's forty minutes of work away from clean. Wtf?
You should turn them into the health department.
You should post the pictures
HannahSky · F
Who owns the franchise? And sounds like the health department should be called.
I think it's time for a career change.
@buriedalive I did private security for seven years, it's a good gig.
buriedalive · 46-50, M
@NativePortlander1970 how did you get into that?
@buriedalive I went into a security guard company and applied, they did a background check, I did my finger prints for my security license, and I got assigned to a post, it took roughly a week or so, including a day of orientation.

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