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Life (just a rant)

Life is so messy right now. I have never felt more stress and hopelessnes in my life. Im losing a lot of people I love and dont know what to do. I also have a toxic friend that I need to cut off, i dont want to because I have known them for so long but there just so damn toxic all the time. I dont know what to do. School keeps piling up and up and up and I just can't take it i need to breathe. I am not even having fun with anything or anyone anymore. I just feel so lost. I dont want people to say "it gets better" because I have heard that same shit my whole life and it doesn't. I got worse. I dont want to listen to reason like "life is just a game, its not always fair.... " because I am sick of hearing that hoping that ill make it to the next "level" I am sick of it all.

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