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another rant

my life is going downhill

im failing my classes suddenly, my parents always have a problem with me even tho im the third parent, my two close friends got together which stresses me out because one of them is a complete heartbreaker and the other one just wants a long lasting relationship, plus, i dont think i can put up with my own relationship since my mental health affects my boyfriend. i started cutting myself in march 2022, in may i visited my boyfriend for the first time, his cousin was there, shes a really great person but she asked me why i cut myself, and to be honest, if i could tell anyone why i actually do it they would probably think im crazy. anyways back to the point of sh, i was clean for the whole summer, was clean from may start to septembers end, in october, i was literally addicted to cutting myself. my wrists were slit to the point that all that was there were cuts. soon enough my parents found out and grounded me for being immature and cutting myself. they didnt even try to comfort me. after they found out i was togheter with my trans bf, they went ballistic. last time i saw him in january. and to be honest, i dont know if i wanna stay with him or break up with him because im not doing my best right now mentally, and my family right now is stressing me out so bad. please help me on this
howareyou · 13-15, FNew
hey there I dont know how you are feeling right now, but I hope you are better!
I know its a very tough situation for you, but in your situation, if you think your boyfriend can help you instead of belittling you, i would say be with him.
Sometimes its good to be selfish for your happiness, im not telling you to hurt your boyfriend but, if you trust your boyfriend, if you think your boyfriend will stay with you during your tough times and comfort you, then be with him, otherwise you know my answer!
Love, sometimes its better to think about yourself and not others, cuz the people you care about took their own decisions and if they don't listen to you it means they dont want to change, so don't be upset over that, your friends will deal with it, even tho its gonna be hard for yall!<3
And parents, i myself don't have parents who comfort me but I do know that we are strong enough to comfort ourselves no matter how difficult it is, and I know you can as well cuz you are a strong human being!💗
Yes sh is bad, and its easy to get addicted to it, but if you know that is bad, you have to try to stop it, go to rehab get a therapist whatever makes you better, get new hobbies distract yourself make yourself happy! cuz your happiness is what matters the most!!

I know this is very long but I hope my words helped you in any way, and remember there are people who love you so never think you are alone! Love you and all the best you can do it💗✨

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