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I always found it amusing when I get told I have issues with authority

Like is not being a blind follower supposed to hurt me? 🫠

This happened my whole life.

I am not defiant for the sake of it. For example, once my mom found out that if she logically explains the reasoning why I should do something, I will listen. If there is no logic, I will argue back and expect you to defend your stance.

My issue is derived from a lack of information or logic in the request.

Example: I had to wear special shoes as a child to straighten my feet as I was pigeon toed. I hated wearing them until my mom explained the “why” behind it because “because I said so” doesn’t work on my autistic brain. I’ll just check you off as being annoying and ignore you.

But I’ve had this issue with people who expected me to just listen to their directions for no reason. Like when I was in High School waiting for the guidance counselor to speak to me. I’m hypermobile but didn’t realize it was linked to a lot of my physical pain at the time, my hips were hurting and standing relieved it. The office lady told me to sit down and I refused. I didn’t want to sit down, I felt more comfortable standing up. Mind you, I am autistic and have always struggled with explaining my thoughts. Idk why but I just assumed everyone automatically knew how I felt 😅 so when I refused to sit down after she told me, I got in trouble. Which made me angry because there was no logic in why I needed to sit down, she just wanted to exert authority over me for the sake of it. Which I do no respect and never will. She should have just taken my “No I want to stand” and let me be, I wasn’t hurting anyone.

I think this is because humans don’t view other humans as individuals. Especially children/teens. They view children as objects that they can command what to do at a whim, when in reality they’re people with thoughts and feelings. I learned this babysitting my younger cousins (4 and 6 when I started a few years ago). Every time they asked me a question, even if it was a big question, I answered them like an adult. After that, they stopped pestering me.

Anyways, I still have this issue in adulthood for some reason. Why do other people think I need to listen to them?
lots of people think they authority when they do not.
story for you i worked for a pool company for six years.

two years before this guy was hired at my store as the assistant manager. just because hes father was a store manager with the company but at a diff store.

this guy had no idea about pools or managerment.
he made a comment once & i said No one here thinks of you as managerment..
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