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With many counselors there is good advice

Had a gentleman from the safe Park come by and talk to me he's about to apply for social security. I told him yeah you could apply 90 days in advance and when's your birthday well he told me the date which would be the 20th of September.

He said "So I'll get the check in October" I said "No. you'll get the check in November because you have to be 62 for an entire month" so October would be his whole month so he wouldn't get the check until late November.

Now the reason I know this is because I was wondering when I filed for social Security, that they first said July instead of August that's when I was told by another person in a retirement group here's the actual facts.

Because later then they changed it to August 24th and that's when I did receive my first payment good thing too I had $6 in my checking account when that money hit.

Now why the heck am I posting this just in case that there's somebody else who is about to retire with social Security and doesn't realize there's simple little hurdles that you have to clear before you get that first payment. So this is my benefit to humanity yeah I know it's very rare but it happens!
Cause you're a good man.
whowasthatmaskedman · 70-79, M
Each nation has it own tricks and loop holes. A general rule if to go see someone a year in advance..Often you can put your application in early, to be sure the speed bumps are all behind you and you dont miss an entitlement.. If you want government money there is using devil in the details they want..😷
Great! Thanks

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