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What does this mean ....?

I’ve said every mean / angry thing in the book to a guy friend of mine... he never responds back with anger... NEVER even some of the worst things I’ve said and he never says anything ...

Does he have feelings for me ... or what? I don’t understand ....

In the old days men never said hurtful things to women they care about out of respect
Why do you say such things to a friend, any friend?
Quizzical · 41-45, M
One day he is going to snap, then kill you and eat your nipples...

Try being more pleasant.
Guitarist07 · 31-35, F
KuroNeko · 41-45, F
Maybe he doesn't take it personally...or he's desperate.
Guitarist07 · 31-35, F
We have a long confusing history @KuroNeko
KuroNeko · 41-45, F
@Guitarist07 It's very difficult to judge a situation with no real idea of who you both are and what kind of relationship you have. I doubt you'll get any insightful answers here.
he thinks you're a douche ..
saintsong · 41-45, F
Yes love is slow to anger and keeps no records of wrongs. Tell it to him straight tell him you don’t want to see him anymore. He will suffer loss all hope will be lost but he will move on and recover! Do him a favour let him dodge the bullet!
Joeyyy · 26-30, M
Maybe he doesn't have much of a spine. Or maybe he knows you're just being insulting and its beneath him to care on principle. I've had things said to me but it meant nothing coming from the people they came from.
drymer · 56-60, M
Some people avoid conflict at all costs... maybe he sees you as some crazy b*tch already and feels that's your normal behavior...? Yes he may like you, too...
hlpflwthat · M
He doesn't stoop to your level. I wouldn't confuse that with 'feelings for you'
Guitarist07 · 31-35, F
Yes he does ... tells me to call and disappears @hlpflwthat
hlpflwthat · M
@Guitarist07 That's letting you down gently - not every mean & angry thing in the book
Thenaughtybartender · 31-35, M
Or may be he lacks selfrespect

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