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British English speakers, why are most Israelis white, and everyone else in the Middle East is dark brown?

Moon3624 · 18-21, F
Not true.
There are many middle Easterners who are indigenous to the Middle East who have pale skin or and light colored eyes/hair .
I’m from Saudi Arabia
my skin tone is tanned yet my sister’s skin tone is very white

Middle easterners come in a variety of skin tones , eye colors and hair colors unlike what people think .
And “Middle Easterner ” is a not race nor an ethnicity. It’s a geopolitical term.
Within the Middle East there are so many ethnic groups , identities and ethnicities.
In many cases there are different ethnic groups within one country.
middle easterners define themselves by their nationality first (aka Saudi or Iranian or Qatari or Lebanese ) unless asked specifically about their ethnic group.

When it comes to Nationalities,

The levant people in particular(Lebanese ,Jordanians ,Palestinians , Syrians etc ) , it’s not uncommon for them to have light skin and or light Colored eyes.

Here is a picture of a Palestinian toddler (Mohammed Tamimi ) who was killed in June 2023 in the West Bank by Israeli soldier :

Here is a picture of iconic symbol of Palestinian resistance Ahed Al tamim when she was a child :

If I told you these two were Ukrainian you would have most likely believed it.

The reason people say Israel is a European settler colony
it is not because they look white it’s because “literally “
The state of Israel
was founded by European white Jews who came from abroad and created Israel not long ago
through the ethnic cleansing and persecution of the native population which is ongoing until today despite UN condemnation .
The other type of Jews (North African and middle eastern Jews ) went to Israel after Israel was founded
Especially because of Mossad operations.
They also faced persecution in Israel like
The kidnapping of Yemeni Jews children
And giving Ethiopian Jews contraceptives without consent.

Regardless be them North African or Iranian or European or Yemeni
None of them are native to the land to Palestine

There are native and none native Jews
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Lol, that's not true at all. There are so many people with pale skin in the Middle East, they only have dark hair, dark eyes and a bit different facial features but based on the skin tone only, you would be unable to tell them apart from Europeans.
They are not
@sunriselover Have you been there?
@Oldanglaisadverbs of course, but not recently!

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