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Today will be the day

that I speak my mind to my abusive bf.. I feel like this is gonna go terrible
Dv8rs · 18-21, F
Bring some muscle, someone who can stand behind you, just in case things start to go south. Perhaps he won't be abusive, if there's a witness.
Neoerectus · M
Have a safe word caller to you. ie set up a friend to ask if safe. One word means ok.. Another 'help'
th3r0n · 41-45, M
So they don't know how to treat women there either huh? I'm sorry to hear it
bwcdadddy · 46-50, M
Leave him, and take someone with you . When you tell him
emery · F
@bwcdadddy i did
Teslin · M
Be strong !! If he is abusive, run away !!
Don't walk, run !!!!
originnone · 56-60, M
Do you have options for him and specific things you want him to change? It doesn't have to go terribly.
emery · F
@originnone yes, I just feel like he won’t even listen to what I have to say
originnone · 56-60, M
@emery I understand...I'm just saying that pop psychology would say it's best if you tell him how you will respond to any future actions and then stick to it....I don't know that that's best. I'm sure you'll do what's right.
TheDisciplinarian · 56-60, M
@emery why the heck would he listen
If he is an A..Hole..
Clearly he ( wrongly ) thinks he knows everything and is always right
( yet he isnt )
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
Is there a way he could react that would satisfy you?
emery · F
@StevetheSleeve if he would actually listen to me
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
@emery Like you tell him he’s abusive and he needs to stop?
Nomad7 · 22-25, M
Hold your hands up to cover your face and chest, so that you don’t get KO’d in the first shot
You can speak your mind to him if you want to. But GET RID OF HIM is what you should do.
MissyChrissy · 18-21, F
I wish you luck, honey.
If you need to talk, I will be there for you.
emery · F
Thank you ❤️@MissyChrissy
Anything other than kicking him to the curb would be a dumb choice
Busybee333 · 31-35, F
If face to face doesn't work, write a letter for closure and leave.
Japrost · 41-45, M
Break-up with him
emery · F
@Japrost I did
Japrost · 41-45, M
@emery good
VampireOfDesire · 26-30, M
You think words will work?
emery · F
@VampireOfDesire I don’t know. maybe ur right
pdockal · 56-60, M
It'll be terrible until you end the relationship
Daviszabecki · 56-60, M
Stand up for yourself and take care!
caccoon · 36-40
Do you think talking to him about it will yield positive results?
emery · F
@caccoon I won’t know unless I try
caccoon · 36-40
@emery good luck, please be safe. Have a plan in case things go badly.

Also, don't discount that he can lie and pretend he will change.

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