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I Believe Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Before you speak to me about your religion,
first show it to me in how you treat other people;
before you tell me how much you love your God,
Show me in how much you love all His children;
before you preach to me of your passion for your faith,
teach me about it through your compassion for your neighbors.
In the end, I'm not as interested in what you have to tell or sell
as I am in how you choose to live and give.
-Cory Booker
It is not advisable to talk Religion as a test subject.
I believe that a human argues , fights and even gives his life for religion , but always very reluctant at the time of implementation.
The standard is not humanity and love - the standard is worship and devotion. You can worship and be devoted yet not base the religion on humanity and love as you claimed.
Then where u place love towards humanity and living beings.
By worship with devotion u do good to ur self.
The consequences to ones self does not mean the intent is love. Intent and consequences are 2 totally different things. There is at least one religion and probably more that places no weight on loving humans or any other form of living beings.
Here?....words are all we have
Noelle · F
Yes, even here. We can show each other compassion, love, understanding. We don't have to be judgmental, hateful and close minded.
Thank you for posting. Bravo!!

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