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too many piece of 馃挬 humans out there.....

...yesterday in broad daylight a mother was nursing her baby in the back seat of a parked car. a 26 y/o male tried to get in through the front right passenger seat but couldn't get in, but managed to get in through rear passenger seat and grabbed the mother and the baby. the mother did well to hold on to the baby and scream as people witnessed it and jumped in to help...lots of punches thrown and police managed to arrest him (it's unclear what the husband was doing at the time) is wrong with people and society!?!?
There is an insanity virus infecting the world, or it seems that way. In my whole life, I have never known such anger/hatred/violence that people are inflicting upon each other. The world has gone mad.
@Carissimi politicians do it and let it happen
@Lilnonames thats what i say
@Lilnonames And the corporations, like Black Rock. In fact, their CEO, said they must force behavior with DEI, race, gender etc. it鈥檚 a global psy-ops.
Sounds like a waste of breathing space
They following the sick politicians instead of protesting they join in to it like the trump cult he can't do no wrong and money will buy you out of anything
@Carissimi he's guilty and should be in jail
@Lilnonames I won鈥檛 get into an argument with you, and you are entitled to your opinions, but you obviously haven鈥檛 thought deeply about this, or know the law about these matters. Your hatred of the man is at play here. It鈥檚 not based on raw facts, law, and the corruption of the justice system. Have a nice day.
@Carissimi you too馃尀
Forget punches, take your pick,
my Bersa Thunder .380ACP semiauromatic pistol,
or my Beretta 92FS 9mm semiautomatic pistol?
@beermeplease [media=]
@NativePortlander1970 pretty sure those aren't legal in canada
@beermeplease If General Washington had won that battle during the war you would have been legal to own it.
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@Jenny1234 he was known to police. hard to know his motivation as he tried to get into the front seat first. he was shirtless and my guess he's one of our city's finest druggies with mental issues...the probles with them is so bad here

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