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2017, the 3rd jubilee, bringing Isael and Jerusalem together:

Research the years, 1867, 1917 and 1967 along with 2017 to see if you can tell what they all have in common or lack of, pertaining to Israel. Then read The Book of Revelations. Do this with understanding. If you still believe the end times are not near, it's on you, because this cannot be coincident.

The 3rd and final jubilee have passed, 2017. This means, in between now and 2067, Armageddon will take place. The beginning of the end. Rapture, Apocalypse, etc.

We are now seeing nations starting to rise up against Israel. I know this has happened before, but now I'm talking majority. Next will come the rebuilding of the Temple Mount. Then there will be peace for 3 years. After these 3 years, the battle between good and evil will begin. This battle will not last long. This will be the end of the world, this world, as we know it.

This is not a matter of believing in God, the word or not. This is a matter of seeing and witnessing what is playing out right in front of us. History and science tell us, that mass extinction is commonplace, and that this has happened many times in the past and in the life span of the earth. May be Not by war perhaps, but by natural disasters, but this time it will be by war.

This has been over centuries in the making. All signs are now becoming very clear. In other words, where in the past it was scattered, it is now all coming together.
akindheart · 61-69, F
I see it. i truly do.

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