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The first U.S. Amendment:

The first amendment is freedom of speech and religion. Our history tells us our country was built from this amendment, which is true. Our Founding Fathers, however, were not to govern this great nation under false applications (lies) or under any religion.

Our Founding Fathers were to govern this great nation under a scientific and spiritual means to form a democracy with logic and reason.

What our government has done over the centuries, was to turn this country up-side down, to where there is no more logic and reason. Our government has split our country, not in two, but into multiple groups. Where's the logic and what are the reasons? There is no logic, but the reason is, for the governments gains and benefits, not ours.

Mankind's very survival should be built and based on logic and reason, to avoid self-destruction and stupidity. The fact is, it's too late.
If it's too late, why post?

I really hope you're wrong.
maskedbandit · 56-60, M
@MistyCee That's the reason I post. Incase I'm wrong. I just want people to be aware. 👍
tindrummer · M
Do you get to decide what the correct logic and reason is?
maskedbandit · 56-60, M
@tindrummer I sure do in my everyday life. Do you get to decide at all in your life?

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