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Do you know whose Nicole elisei?

Nicole Elisei is a freelance journalist who has the best accreditation in the world, due to her ability to update news and information about global issues which are very hotly discussed every day. According to me, her rival at the same level is Marie Oakes. and nicole elisie is also an activist who is critical in opposing injustice around the world. I also have other colleagues in my global civil society community, whose members include Alex Jones, Emerald Robinson, Eva Vlaar, Morgan Zeger, Emma Watson, Russell Brand, Miranda Kerr, Lauren Southern and many more.
Alex Jones is a lying POS who will soon be living out of a cardboard box, unless he's in prison. Russell Brand is a Hollywood idiot. Emma Watson is OK. I've never heard of the other people you mentioned.
maskugatiger · 31-35, M
@LeopoldBloom It seems that you are not talking about this considering how many positive responses there have been from the global civil society community, both on social media and out there. maybe you have been eaten by the rotten media coverage that is being manipulated and controlled by globalist agents. those two are even more than what biden did for your country.

I speak of this as an ordinary person and one who heads the world's largest and most influential community, without institutions and without any associated physical structures.
Magnolia21 · 18-21, F
You had me right up until you claimed to have celebrity colleagues. You're on SW bud.
maskugatiger · 31-35, M
@Magnolia21 what u mean "SW" ? :) magnolia.
maskugatiger · 31-35, M
if you mean Smoke Weed, your brain is probably going crazy. because a friend in the community is not necessarily a friend in your personal friendship circle. In my community I have a two-way dialogue with my members. but I never interfere with their personal matters and activities. or ask about their personal lives. as well as stalking information regarding their activities out there.

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