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Say nothing to father .

The chinese living in another town considered Europeans as their friends .

Okay , good .

The chinese studying in my college considered Europeans as fine .

The one who used to eat dry fruits , he didn't liked Europeans .

My asian so called girlfriend likes european guys .

But the earlier asian girlfriend only liked me or her family .

The majority of chinese who lived in another town , they were highly racist people towards me .

I never mixed with them much .

If I was walking with my friend on road , they will give lift to my friend , but not me .
I don't want lift as well , but it was visible how much they are ready to help own race .

In restaurant they were rarely nice .

Guys were never friendly but they wished to see only asians in their shops .

But this is not same for the non-chinese asians who used to sell fries near the home .
They were great friends of mine .

Has diсkhead elon musk been born in between chinese ? Or is he doing plastic surgery to look like chinese .

He sounds more like a scammer to me .

He said "World must not do racism against Whites and Asians" .

But he is not alone , this is what many europeans feel as well , that they and their Father , chinese are being overpowered by non whites .

If I overpowered my asian friend , I would have taken my money back from him .
But I do not take money from friends .

But yes I surely wish to get my money back from my asian girlfriend .

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