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Jacinda Ahern's resignation. Human or God ?

Politicians are always only " Human afterall " when they fail.
But behave like " omnipotent Gods" when they don't. Unchallenged and unchallengeable.

Doctors use the same tactics. Intellectuals use the same tactics. Scientists use the same tactics.
scrood · 26-30
Idk ppl say she has a horse face personally I always thought she was quite cute, those teeth...

It's because in Davos they were singing, "How does Klaus solve a problem like Jacinda?" She was becoming too unpopular and open to criticism for the agenda to be useful anymore, so was discarded like a useful idiot, forced out so someone more ruthless and despotic tyrant can do the job for her. All that about tears and marriage is fake-acting. she was groomed for life since teen years along with others like Trudeau, Newsom, young leaders of WEF to infiltrate cabinets and parties and ultimately governments, a pawn put in place long ago finally reached the queening square, and now must be sacrificed to obtain victory (except Klaus and friends will LOSE horribly and very soon)
revenant · F
@scrood I hope Klaus and his puppets will lose but I would say they are the tenacious type
MasterLee · 51-55, M
KiwiBird · 31-35, F
She left before she was pushed out by the electorate. Almost every political party that was in power during Covid got the boot. Her approval rating was at an all time low
val70 · 51-55
Le fil rouge au travers de tous nos projets, c'est la durabilité
revenant · F
@val70 qui en est l'auteur ?
val70 · 51-55
@revenant I think that it's from Horace
helenS · 36-40, F
Glad I left science long ago. I don't have to pretend I know how the world works. 🥳
In the end we won, covid and all pandemics are forever, war is the plan everywhere and society is over except for billionaires taking it all to end the ecosystem. Brilliant career, losing side.
revenant · F
@Roundandroundwego you want war ?
ShenaniganFoodie · 36-40, M
Why the interest in a K1w! ???
revenant · F
@ShenaniganFoodie CBC likes her 🙂

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