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Who Gives A Fuck That Some Billionaire Thinks Free Healthcare Is Bad?

Thinking that we should go backwards by privatising the NHS. I have family that would not be alive without the NHS. Not everyone who relies on the NHS is a leech, a lot of people work their asses off and wouldn't be able to afford private healthcare. I just find it ironic that a fucking billionaire thinks the NHS should be privatised...

What if you weren't a billionaire and your mother fell ill? What if your friend needed life saving surgery? Piece of shit.

I understand that NHS is struggling to keep up due to the amount of fuckers who end up needing medical assistance. It would be a good idea to include medical insurance in employment contracts but to want no healthcare for those who can't afford it is barbaric.

I am thankful that if somebody I care about gets fucked up somebody will tend to them even if that is at the taxpayers expense.

Until we decide we are going back to the dark ages, I am for free healthcare.
TexChik · F
Sorry pal nothing is free. You always get what you pay for .
TexChik · F
@AlteredMind uh huh, 🙄
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
@AlteredMind seeing a doctor is irrelevant, that doesn't fix anything...

getting actual treatment is the issue; NHS doesn't do you much good if you die while awaiting treatment due to an underinflated & understaffed national healthcare system (assuming it isn't denied outright which happens a lot over there)

which is why so many Europeans come to the US for life saving treatments like cancer treatments...

better to be in debt and alive than dead with "free" healthcare...
TexChik · F
@wildbill83 Thank you
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
why do people still believe that there is such a thing as free healthcare?

As if inflation isn't already bad enough, people are having to choose between being cold or being hungry, and people want to spend even more tax dollars on healthcare they can't eat, nor will keep them warm at night...🤦‍♂️

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