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Harmless or harmful?

While out grocery shopping I witnessed an odd situation.
A little girl (young enough to fit in the child seat portion of a shopping cart) was being tickled by her grandfather. She laughed some then the laughs became more like uncomfortable whines..the grandfather didn't pick up on the hint and when she really whined he said "oh be nice"
When he said this, it caught the little girl's mother's attention and her tone was in a scolding manner "what's going on/what's the problem"

I know it was probably nothing/subconscious, but what subtle message did that male role model and the mother unintentionally plant.?
That if you speak up because your uncomfortable when an older man is tickling you you are not being nice? Your not being good if you don't go along with it?
Young children are impressionable and its interesting to see both sides of this coin.
Boundaries are important and it would be better if more people practiced them.
Looking back this situation makes me cringe, and I don't know if I should have kindly interrupted and said something like "she doesn't like being tickled anymore"
But then its not really my business,

However when you are in public place people are susceptible to making their business public, as a side effect of just being in public..🤷‍♀️
Oh I hate this ..
Children shouldn't be forced to have adults touching them if they aren't comfortable with this
I don't think approaching would've been the best thing to do but those sorts of interactions drive me nuts.
Unlearn · 41-45, M
Most old men I see are repressed perverts...I wouldn't let my kids around them alone.
latinbutterfly · 46-50, F
Sounds like this weirdo may have a fetish for tickling children. Yuck.
Its incredibly common for adults to totally ignore, or even worse, condemn children for speaking up.

I've seen a father play fight with his son, meanwhile the son kept telling him to stop over and over. The mother butted in and asked the father to stop, and the dads scowling reply was " oh come off it , we were just having fun , he knows that "

But the only one smiling was the father.

And I wondered how many times he did this ...and never saw that he only upset and scared those that loved him.
UnshodAdvocate · 26-30, M
I mean...this is quite the interesting story. I am not sure what to say about this, but I guess it is away to bond with people.
uncalled4 · 56-60, M
Some people are just terrible, terrible, terrible parents.

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